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The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension Removal: How To Remove Them Safely

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The unsung heroes of any makeup look, eyelash extensions are the secret to adding life to your eyes and they are certainly gaining the popularity they deserve. As much as we love waking up to a full set of flutters everyday, there comes a time where you’ll have to say goodbye to those eyelash extensions.  After all, nobody is a fan of eyelash fallouts. Here, we let you in on the complete guide to eyelash extension removal to give your doe-eyed peepers a break! 

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

While we would like to believe that those voluminous curls can last us for at least a decade (or maybe it is just us), the reality is that eyelash extensions are not permanent. Eyelash extensions typically last through a full lash growth cycle, which usually lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Having said that, most lash technicians would suggest going for a touch-up 2 to 3 weeks after getting your eyelash extensions done to fill in any gaps caused by any fallout.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions


Once you are ready to bid your eyelash extensions farewell, you might be wondering how should you go about getting the straggles off. However, first things first…

Do NOT Attempt to Pull Out Your Eyelash Extensions


If there was a cardinal sin you could commit with your eyelash extensions, it would be trying to yank them out. Eyelash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes using a surgical-grade adhesive, which means that they are glued to your natural lashes pretty tightly. By pulling them out, the chances are you risk losing your natural lashes. Plus, let us not forget how painful the pulling them out would be. Yikes.

Do NOT Remove Your Eyelash Extensions By Yourself!

A quick Google search might welcome you with a slew of DIY eyelash extension removal guides. Although removing your eyelash extensions at home might seem like the most cost-effective method, many lash technicians advise against doing so as it might seriously damage your natural lashes.

So while it might be tempting to try to get those straggles off using cotton balls and coconut oil, your lashes might thank you for not doing so.

Always Look for a Pro to Get Your Eyelash Extensions Removed


While you can wait for your eyelash extensions to fall out on their own, we also get the temptation of getting rid of those loose eyelashes. The solution? Look for a pro to get the job done. Many eyelash extension salons offer removal services, which could range from $10 to $40 typically.

So… What is the Eyelash Extension Removal Process Like?

Removing your eyelash extensions can be a quick and simple process when done right by lash technicians. As lash extensions are securely bonded to your natural lashes using a strong adhesive, the lash technician would use a lash remover to soften the adhesive and loosen up any bonds. After a few minutes, the lash technician would proceed to use a micro brush or tweezers to remove your eyelash extensions.


The entire process lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. However, in rare cases, the removal process could take much longer if excessive amounts of adhesive were applied to the natural lashes.

Where Can I Get My Eyelash Extensions Removed?

KJ Studio

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 *Upward  *4D Volume Lash   If you have droopy lashes growing downwards, or are not satisfied with the current curl of your extensions.  You can try the upward lash technique to further lift up your lashes from the roots to give you more curl then your extensions ꙳★*゚  ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・☆.。.:*・°☆. As part of the ”circuit breakers” measures for COVID 19, Kjstudio Outram park and Eye×Luxe Katong will be closed from *7th April to 4th May* As a result, we will cancel all customer’s appointment with effect from *7th April*  Since circuit brakes may be extended in the future, customers can still book an appointment with us from May 5th , considering the situation.  Our booking hotline will not be able to receive any reservations during it’s temporary closure. Please contact by DM it  *WhatsApp Kjstudio Outram (9151 7246) Eyeluxe Katong (9822 3292)  Let’s be socially responsible by practicing social distancing.  We can do this together 😊👍🏻  ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.  ◆Weekdays 11am to 8pm  ◆Weekends 10am to 7pm  20% discount for first time customers.  ✱KJStudio✱Outram park Address : 43A KeongSaik road (2F) 089147 📞62216209  📱91517246  ✱Eye luxe✱ Katong Branch 📞 62812066 📱 98223292 Address : 142A East Coast road (2F) 428832   . #singapore #eyelashextensions #volumelashes#eyelashextensionssingapore #upwardlashsg#upwardlash #japaneseeyelashextension#Japanese #japaneseeyelashsalon#hybrid #lashlift #beautydesign#outram #katong #eastcoast #beauty #マツエク #まつげエクステサロン #まつ毛エクステンション#マツゲエクステンション #ボリュームラッシュ #シンガポールマツエク #日系サロン #睫毛 #植睫毛 #日式植睫毛 #アップワードラッシュ #美容 #アイラッシュ#シンガポールおすすめ

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For the busy woman who needs an eyelash fix over lunchtime, head over to KJ Studio. Nestled in a quaint shophouse right above COVO Hair Salon, the studio prides itself in going the extra mile to deliver unparalleled customer service and comfort. On top of eyelash extension removal, customers can also opt for a Eye Spa, which works to deeply cleanse your lashes for healthier flutters.

Price: $10-$30 for Eyelash Extension Removal, $28 for Eye Spa

Address: 43A Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089147

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am to 8pm, Sat-Sun: 10am to 7pm

Contact: 6221 6209

Find out more about KJ Lashes here.

Dr. Lash

If there is one salon that is setting the bar for luscious eyelashes, it would be Dr. Lash. Helmed by a team of highly experienced eyelash technicians, it is no surprise that Dr. Lash has earned its title as a cult favourite amongst many beauty aficionados in Singapore. Apart from eyelash extension removal, throw in a Lash Cleansing Spa treatment to give your natural lashes the boost it needs.

Price: Contact Dr. Lash directly for prices

Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #04-20/21 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am to 8.30pm, Sat-Sun: 10am to 8.30pm

Contact: 6634 0318

Find out more about Dr. Lash here.


While one might fawn over the salon’s dreamy pastel interiors, there is more than meets the eye to Flutters. Perfect for the woman who is always on-the-go, Flutters is conveniently located in the heart of the city (Telok Ayer, to be exact) for those who need to remove those straggles in a jiffy. If you need to dress up your digits after your removal, the salon also offers a slew of nail services that you can pamper yourself to.

Price: $10-$20 for Eyelash Extension Removal

Address: 6A Shenton Way, #03-17 OUE Downtown Gallery 2, Singapore 068815

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am to 9pm, Sat-Sun: 11am to 6pm

Contact: 6220 0920

Find out more about Flutters here.