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Interview: Jayley Woo Shares Her Creative Process And Beauty Snippets

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There are plenty of things that make Jayley Woo different from all of us — namely, her television fame and the fact that she has created her own hashtag for her fashion outfits on Instagram. Cue #Jayshionleystar. But, much to our delight, the list of things that make her like us is even greater. Jayley’s worked hard to get to where she is now and firmly believes in the power of staying grounded — and in confronting challenges in her line of work, like the need to look ‘picture perfect’.

We sat down with the star to discuss her creative process, the best (or worst) beauty tips she’s picked up from the industry, and how she takes care of her mental health.

jayley woo

Beauty Insider: Besides acting, what else are you passionate about or interested in pursuing this year? Any hobbies?

Jayley Woo: I do have a passion for fashion and makeup. Maybe not as much as my sister with regards to makeup. She is a true beauty fanatic. But I think for fashion, it’s a very different experience because there are so many areas to explore in that world. Actually, I do hope one day I can have my own fashion line. Back then, I felt that having this “dream” seemed like a far-fetched possibility. But fate also brought me into my acting career and I decided to explore it. Three years in, it brought about a passion for me to continue pursuing and thriving.  

Beauty Insider: What are some things you do to get inspiration and kickstart your creative process?

Jayley Woo: I do a lot of research when preparing for an upcoming role. For acting, it can be challenging to emulate a lot of emotions that are required of my character. It’s important to talk to others and sometimes I’ve stopped and been like, “It’s actually pretty amazing.” From watching others to listening to music, I try my best to analyse their thought processes and traits I can pick up on but to a certain extent.

Beauty Insider: You’ve come a long way since your Youtube videos with your sister, Hayley. Any notable takeaways or thoughts about this journey?

Jayley Woo: Definitely. Back then, creating videos was purely for fun and to take stock of our memories together. We were bullied and we turned to blogging at first. It was our outlet to vent and I think a switch happened there. We started gaining traction and garnered fans. In some ways, it felt like I was being led into an environment that forced me to be an extrovert when I’m actually quite the opposite. We didn’t seek out the attention but rather just to have an outlet of our own. But the fans and the memories with my sister are nothing but a bonus.

Beauty Insider: You share the hashtag #jayonthehay with your sister, do the two of you ever share makeup or clothes?

Jayley Woo: Yes, we do from time to time. But really, our styles are pretty different. To be honest, I was actually having a hard time selecting colours for this photoshoot. I was looking at my wardrobe like, it basically consists of black, grey and blue and I was wondering If I would be able to find something suitable to match the colour scheme.

Beauty Insider: Would you say that your makeup routine follows the trends, or rather fine-tuning it to what you feel works best for your features?

Jayley Woo:  I mean…everyone’s skin is so different. But there was this period of time I was super obsessed with Youtube makeup tutorials and I enjoyed watching the makeup gurus show off their craft. One, in particular, Imjennim. Something that would pull me in was her video aesthetic and passion, and I might attempt a makeup look from there.

Beauty Insider: What’s your earliest memory of using makeup?

Jayley Woo: I was actually a late bloomer when entering the makeup world. It was around 18 when I starting dipping my toes into it. I would say I’m more into catering to my skincare needs.

Beauty InsiderWhat’s your biggest beauty secret you’ve learned in the industry? Any holy grail makeup artist tips?

Jayley Woo: There was this time where I heard about this weird trick for setting your makeup. So, after applying foundation, you should dump your face into a basin of water. I tested it out in the comfort of my own home but it simply didn’t work for me. I do believe in applying sunscreen. SPF…I can’t even stress the importance.

Beauty Insider: If you’re planning to go overseas, what are the beauty products you have to bring along with you?

Jayley Woo: Sunblock. It’s actually… you know what, though? Many forgo applying it. It is, without a doubt, one the smartest things you could do to save your skin from long-term damage. It also depends on the place I’m going to and the climate that warrants different types of facial creams. I do love sheet masks.

jayley woo

Beauty Insider: Women are often exposed to unrealistic standards of beauty. Has being in the media spotlight made you feel the need to look picture perfect?

Jayley Woo: Yes, definitely. At times, I didn’t care how I looked. Being in the media, I felt like I could just look a certain way according to the characters I was portraying at the time. I did feel that it was my responsibility to look good in front of the camera. But I had to take a step back and tell myself that, “I have to put myself first. I need to take care of myself mentally and stay healthy.”

Beauty Insider: You have a fan club called the Jayleybeans. Is there any advice or words you would like to share with your fans?

Jayley Woo: I try to keep my fans as close as possible. It’s really hard to find a group of people who not only support you but take time out of their schedule to spend time with you . There are always times where I’m like, “I’m super grateful for my fans,” and I just really treasure them a great deal.

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