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The ColourPop Disney Princess Makeup Collection Is A Childhood Dream Come True

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One thing that has made entering adulthood more bearable is that Disney Princesses has never stopped being cool. After months of anticipation, ColourPop has finally announced its official launch date of their latest collection — and it’s the biggest treat that’ll make you reminisce about your childhood days. Here are the details: the ColourPop Disney Princess Collection is making its way online on September 28th 2018! It includes a full line of eyeshadows, lip glosses, makeup palettes, and six shades of creamy matte lipstick, each inspired by one of the most iconic fairytale princesses.

These limited-edition makeup products will pull you right out of your seasonal beauty rut. There’s nothing like the beauty and grace emulated from iconic princess characters. The princesses featured are Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, Tianna, Cinderella and Belle.

colourpop disney princess

All week long, ColourPop is posting the beauty offerings on their Instagram for every fan to see — and the previews for the ColourPop Disney Princess Collection already have our hearts racing. Let’s just say, trying to convince yourself that you don’t need any more pressed pigments or shiny lipsticks just got even harder. With many glittering makeup items to boot, this launch is one we wish would come down to Sephora Singapore!

colourpop disney princess

This makeup set also boasts these #DisneyDesigner Super Shock Shadows in six glorious shades. Of course, die-hard fans responded as expected. “This is the palette of my dreams,” one wrote. “Please do villains. Ursula, Cruela, Maleficent, Jafar, and Hades, and thank you,” another wrote. A villain-inspired makeup collection will just be too magical for words!

You have to wait until September 28th to get your hands on these but act fast, because, at the stroke of midnight, we’re anticipating this collection will be sold out! Which Disney Princess is your favourite?

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Sinead Lee

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