Have you been thinking of getting Brow Embroidery for a while now but you’re unsure where to go? Fret not, as we’ve got the perfect solution just for you! Meet Jo Artysan- The Brow Specialist, an award-winning brow salon that has been curating unique eyebrows for locals and expats alike in Singapore. With numerous awards under its belt, Jo Artysan continues bringing top-notch services and quality to each and every client.

It’s no surprise that the brow salon bagged the Best Signature Brow Treatment in Beauty Insider’s Readers’ Choice Award 2023, particularly for its Artysan Signature Brows. Using an unique brow embroidery technique that was created by founder Director Jo herself, it combines short and long hair-like strokes to mimic fuller-looking brows. Here at Beauty Insider, we’re sharing all about Jo Artysan and its award-winning Artysan Signature Brows treatment and how you can book an appointment for your next pair of New Gorgeous Brow!

Jo Artysan

Photo by: Jo Artysan

Nestled in the bustling heart of central Orchard Road lies a hidden gem that has become renowned throughout the country. Highly sought-after by both locals and expats, Jo Artysan Microblading Studio is the go-to destination for anyone looking to enhance their brows. The studio is raved for its professionalism, creativity, and individually tailored treatments that cater to each client’s specific needs. Thus, anyone seeking to amplify their natural beauty simply needs to pay Jo Artysan a visit.

As an award-winning studio, Jo Artysan has quickly become a cult favourite among beauty enthusiasts. Therefore, waiting time for an appointment can sometimes go up to three months in advance. However, trust us when we say it’s definitely worth the wait! This is because every single brow artist at the studio is highly skilled and handpicked by Director Jo herself. They are required to undergo a vigorous training program before becoming full-fledged artists. This dedication to excellence has earned Jo Artysan numerous accolades, including several awards for their outstanding work.

Furthermore, Jo Artysan continually strives to stay ahead of the game. Thus, they’re always one of the first to bring new eyebrow embroidery techniques and brow trends to Singapore. The team at the studio continually upgrades their skills on a yearly basis, ensuring that clients enjoy the newest techniques available in the brow industry.

Whether you’re looking for natural and hyper-realistic brows to trendy Korean brows, there’s always something for you at Jo Artysan. Their artists offer honest advice and always go above and beyond to meet their clients’ expectations. So rest assured when we say, you’ll definitely be satisfied and more when you attend an appointment with Jo Artysan.

Artysan Signature Brows by Jo Artysan

Photo by: Jo Artysan

Founded by Director Jo herself after years of experience in the industry, the Artysan Signature Brows is a bespoke brow embroidery technique unique to Jo Artysan. This innovative technique excellently and intricately curates hyper-realistic brows meant to suit any facial features, be it Asian, European, or Western. So whether you prefer super fluffy brows or more manicured and defined ones, this technique can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

What else should you know about the Artysan Signature Brows? Well, first off, it uses a combination of short and long hair-like strokes that are aimed at mimicking your natural brow hair. The colour is also curated to match your natural brows, and together with the hair-like strokes, they blend seamlessly to help you achieve natural-looking brows, which is why we say this brow technique suits everyone from all walks of life.

The best part is that each session only takes 2.5 hours, making it a convenient option for anyone with a busy schedule. With over 300 genuine raving reviews, it’s easy to see why the studio is so highly regarded by both locals and expats in Singapore.

Other than its stunning works, Jo Artysan also prides itself on providing each client with impeccable service and an overall lovely experience. With Director Jo’s expertise and attention to detail, clients can trust that they will leave the studio with beautifully curated brows that enhance their natural beauty.

Other Brow Services by Jo Artysan

Photo by: Jo Artysan

Alongside the Artysan Signature Brows, Jo Artysan also offers an extensive list of brow services which one can easily check out on their website. One of them is the Nanoblading Brows which is the latest technique this year in the marketplace that uses a machine to create ultra precise long hair strokes to create a super natural-looking set of brows. This particular service is highly recommended for anyone with thin or fine eyebrow hairs looking to create that pair of fluffy brow look.

However, if you’re seeking a powdered and more defined look, may we recommend the all time classic Ombre Powder Brows? The brow service uses purely shading gradient dot techniques for ladies who prefers a more makeup look. Those who are used to seeing perfectly drawn eyebrows can opt for the Ombre Powder Brows, while those seeking a marriage of natural and sexy fluffy brows can get the Nanoblading Brows.

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Artysan Signature Brow Price: SGD$990 (Senior Artist), SGD$1190 (Master Artist), SGD$1700 (Director) that also comes with a 1 x complimentary touch up session within the 2 months
Address:111 Somerset Road TripleOne Somerset #02-44 – #02-48 Singapore 238164
Operation Hours: Tue-Sat, 10am – 9pm
Whatsapp To:+65 8889 2880
Email: hello@joartysan.com