Let’s be honest, we spend nearly 10 minutes every day trying our best to draw that perfect eyeliner before leaving our home. When they don’t match, we spend another 10 minutes trying to balance them out. And no, leaving the house without eyeliner is not an option because our eyes would look so empty! If only there was a way to spend less time in the morning yet still have perfectly drawn eyeliner all the time.

Well, if you relate to that then let us introduce you to the Korean Baby Eyeliner treatment by Jo Artysan. That’s right, if you’re familiar with eyebrow embroidery then this treatment shouldn’t be a stranger to you. It uses a similar technique, and is also often known as eyeliner embroidery. But what makes this treatment by Jo Artysan so different from other eyeliner embroidery treatments? Beauty Insider is here to share everything you need to know about Jo Artysan and its award-winning Korean Baby Eyeliner treatment.

Jo Artysan

Photo by: Jo Artysan

Located at Orchard Road, Jo Artysan Microblading Studio is an elusive beauty destination, an almost hidden gem that has taken the country by storm. Locals and expats on our sunny island alike consistently rave about their exceptional service, creativity, and bespoke treatments that are offered at this highly sought-after beauty hub. For anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty through semi-permanent makeup can find solace and bespoke curated solutions at Jo Artysan.

This award-winning studio has become a cult favorite, and waiting times for appointments can sometimes be as long as three months in advance. But it’s no surprise because every artist at Jo Artysan are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their craft. This is because Director Jo handpicks each person, requiring them to undergo a rigorous training program, resulting in first-class experiences for every client and friends.

The studio also continually innovates, bringing new eyebrow, eyeliner, lip blush and hairline embroidery trends to Singapore. Their artists are always up to date with the latest industry techniques, and harness those skills every year. Clients can also expect honest transparent advice and unparalleled service from the moment they step into Jo Artysan. They are not shy to turn down clients when they know that the clients are not a suitable candidate for the service, a true testimony to how they pride results over profit.

The team always goes above and beyond to exceed clients’ expectations, resulting in a highly personalised experience. With over 300 raving reviews, both locally and internationally, it’s no wonder Jo Artysan has become a household name in the beauty industry. And other than its bestselling brow treatments, the salon also offers a unique Korean Baby Eyeliner treatment. The treatment has recently won the Best Eyeliner Embroidery in our Beauty Insider’s Editors’ Choice Award 2023 and we’re excited to share all about it, plus how you can book an appointment instantly.

Korean Baby Eyeliner by Jo Artysan

Photo by: Jo Artysan

If you’re looking for a subtle yet effective way to enhance your eyes, then this Korean Baby Eyeliner treatment by Jo Artysan is perfect for you. Inspired by a popular technique from Korea, it uses a similar technique to eyebrow embroidery, and is applied to the inner lash line and lash line. This makes the eyes appear wider, giving you a natural-looking, fresh eye look 24/7.

This highly raved treatment has been widely praised for its ability to make eyes look brighter and more refreshed without appearing too obvious. Clients are often surprised at how such a subtle touch can make such a significant difference in their appearance.

The Korean Baby Eyeliner treatment typically takes around 2.5 hours to complete, with a very minimal downtime. And because this is a semi-permanent treatment, the eyeliner will fade over time. Hence, it’s normal for clients to return for touch-ups to continuously look bright and refreshed.

What To Expect

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If you’ve decided to get the Korean Baby Eyeliner treatment but don’t know what to expect, we’re here to run you through the process. When you first arrive at Jo Artysan, the receptionist will confirm your appointment and treatment with you. Then, you’re passed to an artist that will sit down with you for a short consultation. Here, they will explain the treatment to you and sketch out the eyeliner for you to see and approve, before proceeding with the actual session.

Once done, you’ll be guided to a room where you will lie down for the entire process. Your artist will then apply some numbing cream onto your eyelids, which helps alleviate any pain that you might feel during the process. And truth to be told, many clients actually share that they feel more of a scratchy sensation with low to no pain.

After the eyeliner treatment is done, you’ll be sent home with some after care instructions. The healing process is generally painless, with just some mild swelling afterwards which is expected. Though it’s important to note that a thin layer of your eyeliner embroidery may peel off in a week’s time, revealing a lighter and more natural-looking eyeliner underneath. It’s also advisable that you return for touch-ups once it starts fading over the years.

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Korean Baby Eyeliner Price: SGD$600 (Senior), SGD$800 (Master), SGD$1100 (Director) that also comes with a 1 x complimentary touch up session within the 2 months
Address:111 Somerset Road TripleOne Somerset #02-44 – #02-48 Singapore 238164
Operation Hours: Tue-Sat, 10am – 9pm
Whatsapp To:+65 8889 2880
Email: hello@joartysan.com