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KBeauty Makeup Hacks That Will Help You Achieve a Natural Glow

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If you’re a fan of Kbeauty, you know how they’ve nailed the natural, no makeup look. They actually have a name for it: Chok Chok. That means radiant, dewy, and fresh as a daisy. It’s like walking around with an Instagram filter (hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis).

But how do you achieve this effortless glow? According to famous Korean makeup artist Ko Won Hye, who works with all the top Korean stars, you don’t need to get special Korean cosmetic brands or buy whatever BB cream a star used in a drama. It’s all about how you prep your skin and how you apply whatever makeup you already have. Here are her top natural makeup tips.

Moisturize like it’s a religion

Hydration is the heart of Korean skincare and beauty. You need to hydrate even if you have oily skin, or even if it’s such a hot and sticky day that you shudder at the idea of applying any product. The trick is to pick the right formula for your skin type. Dry skin needs richer creams, but oily skin needs lighter emulsions or even several layers of facial toner – patted or misted until your skin feels supple and soft.   

In fact, in a hot tropical country like Singapore, you shouldn’t just hydrate in the morning and at night. Carry around a facial mist to refresh your skin several times a day. Moisture – not highlighter – is the secret to a natural, all day glow.

Mist between makeup layers

Many Korean cosmetic products are very light creams, which give colour and pigment but still let natural skin texture show through. But instead of just blending them in one after the other, mist your face between each step. BB cream or cushion foundation… Mist… Concealer… Mist again… Blush… Yup, mist again.

That’s a lot of misting, but the fact is that those very sheer layers of moisture help ensure each cream product blends in beautifully and naturally. And you get a very real dewy glow from fully hydrated skin.

Contour just one feature

Overcontouring is a big no-no in Kbeauty. Pick one facial feature you want to define. Is it the cheeks, the eyes, the mouth or the jawline? If you’re going to bring out your contouring stick to bring out your V shape face and cheeks then keep your eyes and mouth very soft and neutral. If you want a two-toned lip, then go easy on your blush and define eyes with a very natural brown pencil and two coats of mascara.

Pick a bright blush colour

Western makeup usually defines eyes or the mouth (think smoky eyeshadow or a very bright lip). But Kbeauty often focuses on the cheeks. Bright blush applied right on the cheeks gives a very youthful flush.

Don’t overarch the brow

Kbeauty loves natural brows that are just brushed up and defined with soft pencil strokes or a bit of powder. Don’t overexaggerate your arch or stencil it into shape. Just go for a natural lift, or clean it up or shape it to flatter your face shape. Many Koreans prefer the straight brow, and pick a light brown powder so it doesn’t overwhelm the entire face.

Dab and blend lipstick

Just apply your lipstick to the center of your lips and brush outward so it’s blurred at the edges. Your lips look naturally plumper and you don’t have to fuss over lipliner or meticulously blending colours into a gradient lip.

This makeup look works really well with highly pigmented lipsticks or lip tints. For more intense colours, you can try applying it on your finger and dabbing it into your lip.