Keith Tan

Insider Spotlight: Keith Tan Shares His Experience as a Makeup & Hair Artist

By: Cherelle Lim / March 31, 2021
Categories : Beauty News

Meet the award-winning makeup and hair artist, Keith Tan! Known for his skills in both makeup and hair, he has won a number of awards including the Singapore Brides Top 90 Wedding Makeup Artist. Not only that, but he is also the 2020 winner of Blissful Brides Magazine and one of KOE’s Beauty Partner! With 15 thousand followers on Instagram, Keith Tan regularly posts about all of his works. Giving you an insight into what he is truly capable of. At Beauty Insider, we have the chance to bring you a special interview about the challenges he faces, and how he got here!

1. First, let’s share something we don’t know about you!

I specialise in natural, effortless makeup and sophisticated soft messy style hairstyles. 

2. How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get into this industry?

I have been a bridal/fashion/hairstylist and makeup artist with 18 years of experience in the wedding and fashion scene. 

Learning in Korea, Japan and Taiwan has inspired the skills and knowledge I have. It also empowered everyone with the right techniques, preferred products and up-to-trend styles! Allowing everyone to be able to enhance their beautiful life and make the most enchanting experience and appearance for your wedding or personal touch! 

3. What are the biggest challenges makeup artists have to face? 

Dealing with different skin tones. Different features and different texture are not easy and I tend to envision and visualise her face in my head about how she will look like or what she will look good in. I always do my best to enhance your face shape. 

4. We know you specialise in natural, effortless makeup looks and sophisticated soft messy hairstyles. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Most of my inspiration comes from reading a lot of fashion magazine or YouTube! I actually watch a lot of runways and overseas tutorials. 

5. What are your rules for perfect makeup? 

My number one rule is that “Less is more”.

6. Besides applying face makeup and hairstyling, any advice on bringing that glow to the face and A-listed hair look naturally? 

It all falls back to the basics. Beautiful skincare comes along with beautiful makeup! 

7. As the 2020 Awards Winner of Makeup & Hair Artist for Blissful Brides Magazine, what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists? 

I always see myself as the original makeup artist. Thus, I also put in a lot of hard work to master my skills and techniques! To me, I am still in the learning process because beauty is a never-ending journey. 

8. What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women? 

That is to not blindly follow the trends which are not suitable for you and always remember to have confidence in yourself!

Photo credits to Keith Tan.

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