Lazy Girl’s Guide: Best Products That Leave Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful in No Time!

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Raise your hand if you’re  always rushing in the morning, and would rather get 5 minutes of extra sleep or have a cup of coffee instead of styling your hair.

Well we have the perfect hair hacks for you! These hair products, tools and hair tips require zero fuss or maintenance. You get a much simpler morning beauty and hair routine – and shiny, beautiful hair the whole day!

Kao Essential Night Care Milk

Wash your hair at night, then apply this overnight serum on to damp or dry hair. Concentrate the product at mid-length and at the tips. If you have shoulder-length hair you only need 1 to 2 drops, so this bottle is last you a long time!

We love how we can wake up with smooth, soft hair – like we got a salon hair treatment in our sleep! It’s also very affordable. One bottle sells for just $11.90, but this March they’re offering it at just $8.90! Hey, that costs less than a cup of coffee. Definitely worth the price.

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Kao Essential All-Day Cuticle Protection

If you’ve got really dry, damaged and frizzy hair than blowdrying and styling is the last thing you should be doing. This hair CC oil will heal your hair and keep it sleek and smooth the whole day. It fights the 5 most common hair stressors, including heat damage and UV and pollution exposure. It also prevents tangles!

Use it if you’re the type who washes your hair in the morning. But instead of reaching for heat tools, towel-dry and then apply it from mid-length to your tips. We love applying it before making a sleek ponytail, braid or sidepart, or clipping hair back with a pretty clip – all huge hairtrends in 2019!

 This hair CC oil is also selling at a promo price of $8.90 this March! We think every girl should have one in her beauty kit, both for daily shine and extra smoothness on bad hair days.

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Goody Quick Style Paddle Brush

We love how this brush makes it faster and easier to dry our hair in the morning! The microfiber bristles absorb extra water, while the soft bristles gently remove tangles. It also has a vented back for faster blowdrying.

And don’t worry, this brush stays clean even when it’s damp. The microfibers have special antimicrobrial properties that prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

This is perfect if you have very thick or long hair that takes forever to dry.

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Available at Guardian Singapore

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo

When you’re low on time and on hair volume, dry shampoos are your best friend. We like Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo. It can breathe life back into flat, lifeless hair – and its happy cherry scent is amazing! Plus points for its cute packaging, which cheers up our bathroom counters.  

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