Retern Hair Has A Permanent Solution To Return Your Beautiful Hair Once More!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 2, 2021

Simply put, let’s talk about hair. Our hair is an important part of us; consider it an extension of our identity because it’s the first thing that others recognizes us with. Additionally, many of us can also agree that having healthy hair is optimal and this is achieved through effective products and treatments. With that, Beauty Insider introduce Retern Hair and their permanent solution treatments to give you gorgeous hair once more!

About The Brand: Retern Hair

Retern Hair is a leading hair care expert that provides top-notch effective products in a wide array and power-performing treatments to treat your hair concerns conducted at the Retern Hair and Scalp Institute.

At Retern Hair, they believe that to create highly-effective products do not require harsh chemicals but instead through innovative science, cutting-edge technology and the power of nature. Therefore, their values stand that everyone deserves to have healthy hair and look their best without burning a hole in their pockets by creating affordable products.

Moreover, what makes Retern Hair stand out from the crowd is that they create solutions from a different approach. It is well known that there are a plethora of factors that contribute to hair concerns such as dandruff, hair fall and more. Some of these factors could be due to one’s certain lifestyle or age. To put into a simpler perspective, how could typical hair products and treatments provide effectiveness despite these factors?

This is where Retern Hair blends science and the power of nature to develop the ultimate solutions for maximum efficiency. These potent concentrations are packed with clinically proven effective ingredients to give you the healthiest hair possible. With that, their solution was to develop Tricho-Blend ®.

What Is Tricho-Blend®?

Tricho-Blend® is the ultimate hair care solution that was developed by Retern Hair’s team of trichologists and herbalists through extensive research and innovation. This potent mixture is enriched with clinically-proven herbology to target and treat every type of hair concern even the rarest. With the Tricho-Blend®, they have been able to create an extensive range of products that are efficient and effective.

Retern Hair products are available to purchase here.

Tried, Tested and Loved!

Beauty Insider gives you a peek of what to expect when you sit down for a treatment with Retern Hair. Watch here:

Treatments With Retern Hair

When getting a treatment, it’s best to know that you will be getting an experience of a lifetime. Every treatment starts with a professional computerised in-depth analysis of the hair and scalp. Thus, this will then give the professionals a better understanding when custom-blending solutions and explain further to you on how it will benefit your hair.

We like to call it a personal touch experience where you not only learn more about your hair by having an expert’s opinion on what can be done to achieve optimal hair health. To add, it’s good to keep in mind because this treatment isn’t a routine procedure but catered especially to you and your hair.

Signature Bojin Meridian Hair Growth Therapy with Natural Scalp Purification Masque

If thin hair and the seemingly endless amount of hair loss is becoming more concerning by day, then this treatment is the one you need to try out. This treatment will stimulate scalp tissue to self-heal by involving blood, nerves and putting the immune system to full efficiency. Therefore, by promoting the body to heal itself thus inducing hair growth and reducing inflammation especially to hair follicles.

Process of the treatment:

  • Professional computerized hair and scalp analysis
  • Therapeutic scalp combing massage
  • High-frequency Scalp Sanitizing therapy
  • Customized Natural Scalp Purification Masque
  • Herbal scalp wash
  • 5-elements Aroma oil therapy
  • Signature Bojin Meridian scalp treatment
  • Professional blow

Duration: 120 minutes

Price: $169.00

*Pregnant women, Kindly call to enquire further.

*Not suitable for anyone with underlying medical conditions or has undergone head surgery, Kindly call to enquire further.

Tricho-Blend® Signature Scalp Deeptox Therapy

Did you know, the start to getting beautiful, luscious hair begins with a healthy scalp. Having a clean scalp will allow other hair products to be more effective because you are targeting the core which is the roots.

That is why Retern Hair’s best-selling signature therapy scalp detox treatment will give your scalp a purified and refreshed experience. What makes this treatment great is that you get a scalp masque customised to suit you and your hair condition. Additionally, this masque contains properties that will extract oil, toxic substances and impurities to give your scalp a clean slate.

Moreover, it is formulated with an anti-inflammatory mixture to be soothing and calming while reducing irritation of hair follicles. This is done to stimulate hair growth and prevent excessive hair fall too. The expected result of this treatment is having stronger, more beautiful, healthier hair.

Process of the treatment:

  • Professional computerized hair and scalp analysis
  • Therapeutic scalp combing massage
  • High-frequency Scalp Sanitizing therapy
  • Customized Deep Cleansing Scalp Masque
  • Herbal scalp wash
  • Intensive Custom-blend Hair Ampoule application
  • Professional Meridian Scalp Massage
  • Professional blow

Duration: 150 minutes

Price: $259.00

*Pregnant women, Kindly call to enquire further.

*Not suitable for anyone with underlying medical conditions or has undergone head surgeryKindly call to enquire further.

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