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Single Eyelid Makeup Tips And Tricks That Are Easy To Do

By: Cherelle Lim / April 23, 2021
Categories : Makeup

For those with single eyelids or monolids as we like to call it, it can be difficult to get your eye makeup done. Single eyelid makes the eyes look small, so when doing makeup, you try to enhance as much as you can! You want bigger eyes! Some of us even wish we were born with double eyelids. Then, it would save us all this hassle! But, if you want to get double eyelids, there are several ways to do that. Either by using double eyelid stickers or getting cosmetic surgery. But, Beauty Insider is here today to show you some tips and tricks on how to do single eyelid makeup! With minimal eyelid space, here are some ideas on how you can make your eyes look bigger!



1. Do Your Eye Makeup First

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When watching makeup tutorials on youtube, you might get confused sometimes. Some makeup artists say to do your foundation first. Others seem to like to do their eyes first. So, who is right? Honestly, there is no right or wrong when doing makeup. It is all up to your own preference! But, for our single eyelid peeps out there, you might want to start with your eye makeup first. Especially if you are attempting a bold single eyelid look, this ensures that if you mess up, you can clean it off easily. This way, it won’t ruin your foundation and it’s easier to sharpen your look! 

2. Drawing The Perfect Eyeliner

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For people with small eyes and single eyelids, the perfect winged eyeliner is all it takes! Drawing on eyeliner helps make your eyes look bigger and sometimes even elongates them. Simple draw along your upper lash line and extend it out. You can go as long as you want and once satisfied, bring it back and colour it in! You can also add some liner on the inner corners of your eye for a sharper look. Adding a bit of highlight on your inner corners can also make your eyes look bigger. Try this tip on one single eyelid and compare it to your other eyelid. See the difference? 

3. Contouring Your Eyes

Contouring your eyes can help add depth to them. Similar to contouring your nose, this contouring tip is a great illusion! If you are already contouring your nose in your makeup routine, simply bring it up to the bottom start of your brows. From there, blend it down to the inner corners of your eyes. For a more natural look, use a neutral-toned shade of contour! 

4. Apply Eyeshadow With Open Eyelids

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Since single eyelids have more limited space, it is easier to do your eyeshadow with your eye open. This way, you can see where you should apply your eyeshadow. Since people with single eyelids don’t have a crease as a guide, your eyes will be your guide. So, keep them open! Keeping your eyes open also lets you know where your eyeshadow should stop on your eyelid. Not only that, but it allows you to find a more flattering angle to apply both your eyeshadow and eyeliner. 

5. Use A Primer On Your Eyelids

A great tip to remember is to prime your eyelids before applying. This is also important for those that have oily eyelids. Even though you don’t have a defined crease like double eyelids, most of your eyelid still creases. As it creases, it can cause your eyeshadow or eyeliner to smudge! You don’t want to end up with racoon eyes right? Therefore, apply some primer to your eyelids before starting your eye makeup. Once you’re done, also remember to set your eye makeup with powdered eyeshadow! 


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1. Use A Smaller Brush

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With a single eyelid, your eyes are already much smaller. Therefore, a neat trick is to use a smaller brush instead of a larger or normal shading brush. You can also use a precise eyeshadow brush when creating a smudge shadow liner too! Even a pencil brush is a great tool for single eyelids. This allows you to place your product more precisely onto your eyelid and is easier to control. You have less risk of over blending and a smaller brush is also helpful for more detailed looks!  

2. Floating Eyeliner

According to Makeup Artist Patrick Ta, winged and graphic eyeliners are just us trying to create an illusion of a straight line. Meaning that you need to connect the lid to the wing while making sure that your eyelid doesn’t end up too thick! Thus, you create a sort of “drop-off” effect where the wing will look connected and full when your eyes are open. But when you close your eyes, you can see the disconnect. Great for hooded eyes, this trick uses negative space to make an outline on your crease. 

3. Blending Is Key


Next up is blending techniques. Ever wonder why sometimes your smokey eye looks nothing like the tutorial you just watched? Well, A: you might not be as professional or experienced as the makeup artist you just watched. B: it might just be the blending technique that isn’t working out for you. If the left to right swiping technique isn’t working for your eyelid, it’s time to switch things up! Instead, try out other techniques such as blending upwards. This method is sort of like a gradient as the darker eyeshadow colour is closer to your lash line. For those with single eyelids, this is a flattering look to try! 

4. Always Curl Your Lashes

long lashes

I know, sometimes you might skip out on curling your lashes because you’re thinking what’s the point! My lashes are going to droop down in an hour anyway! Regardless, you should always curl your lashes to give it the lift it needs! Lifting your lashes is the easiest way to make your eyes appear bigger too. The trick is all in the wrist. Clamp your lashes going upwards and top up with mascara afterwards. Choosing the right mascara for your lashes can also contribute to how long it stays facing up! Meaning, there is no harm in going on a makeup shopping spree later on! If you don’t like curling your lashes and applying mascara, opt for a lash lift treatment instead. These treatments can last up to three months for beautiful eyes! 

5. Pick A Bright Shade


As there are so many different ways to apply eye makeup, people are always experimenting with new looks! For single eyelid looks, go bold and choose a bright colour to slather on your eyelid. This brings attention to your eyes and makes them look brighter as well. You can also match your blush to your eyes as well to make it look more cohesive. If you are feeling even bolder, go for a bright coloured eyeliner too!