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These Doctors Can Help Get Rid of your Double Chin

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Double chins seem to be inevitable as you age. A lack of collagen can lead to saggy chins and cheeks which can contribute to your double chin in the long run. With advanced technology, now you can ditch that double chin and get closer to the V-shape face without any MeiTuxiuxiu edits on your phone!

Neck Threadlift – La Clinic

La Clinic

What are Threadlifts?

Threadlifts are threads that are placed under skin to help lift saggy or drooping tissue. Threadlifts are a completely non-surgical and mildly invasive. They work by allowing collagen to build up around the threads. The double chin will improve as your skin gets more used to the thread. These threads also help encourage collagen growth hence promoting natural skin elasticity. The threads can be made from three different types of materials that are safe and slowly disintegrate into tissue naturally.

How Does it Work?

Threadlifts Improving Double Chin Over Time

The skin is mapped out during a consultation with a Doctor from La Clinic. This ensures that the neck lift works as effectively as possible. Threads will be strategically placed under skin to achieve the most desired result. These threads sit under the skin layer comfortably. The entire process takes less than an hour. It requires little down time compared to face lifts or other more invasive treatments. though some swelling and discomfort is normal. As it takes time for the threads settle into the skin, results can be seen over time. Skin elasticity will continue to improve over the next 2- 6 months and a noticeable difference can be measured.

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Ultra V HIFU Facelift – The Wellness Clinic

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The Wellness Clinic

What is a HIFU Treatment?

Another easy way to target your double chin issues is with Ultratherapy. The latest, termed HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) focuses large amounts of heat in particular areas to shrink tissue while promoting collagen growth. The Ultra V HIFU Facelift in particular uses ultrasound technology to tighten skin at precise areas to create a smoother, tighter jawline.

How Does it Work?

Ultrasound technology can help tighten muscles and tissue without damaging skin. The HIFU machine targets specific areas, mapped by the Aesthetic doctor to create slimmer features and reducing your double chin. This treatment is can take as short as 30 minutes though multiple sessions may be required depending on your desired face shape.

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Dermal Fillers – Amaris B Clinic

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Amaris B Clinic

What are Dermal Fillers?

Much like cheek filler or nose fillers, dermal fillers mimic natural skin to plump out specific areas and reduce the appearance of unsightly signs of ageing such as fine lines or double chins. Depending on the type of filler, dermal fillers can last for 1-2 years. They contain hyaluronic acid (popular in anti-ageing skincare products) to help soften and hydrate the skin while adding volume.

How Does it Work?

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Dermal Fillers containing Hyaluronic Acid

These fillers are clear gel like substances that are injected into the skin at particular areas pre-mapped by a doctor. It is a tolerable procedure but requires at least two days of downtime. This procedure can last for up to 6 months, however, expect some swelling to remain for at least a week after the procedure. Dermal fillers are suitable for not just for fixing fine lines but to prevent sagging from occurring. It is important to to consult your doctor to decide what the desired results are for you.

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As with all aesthetic treatments it is advised to visit your doctor to assess if you are a viable candidate. These are medical procedures that should not be taken lightly and it is important to go to certified doctors to get these procedures done, safely.