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Double Chin Removal in Singapore- What, Why, Where and How Much?

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Are you suffering from double chin issues and looking for a permanent way to get rid of them? Well, then you have come to the right place. Beauty Insider has gathered everything there is for you to know about double chin removal in Singapore. Because let’s be honest, nobody wants or like having double chins however double chins seem to be inevitable as you age. A lack of collagen can lead to saggy chins and cheeks which can contribute to your double chin in the long run. 

This sagging skin that we call the double chin is extremely unsightly and gives you a much older and boring appearance.  Also known as submental fat, double chin condition is often associated with weight gain, but here’s the thing don’t have to be overweight to have one! Sometimes genetics or looser skin resulting from ageing may also cause a double chin. We know, double chin can be very demoralizing but there is good news! Yes, there are so many effective treatments for double chin removal in Singapore.

Thanks to all the latest advanced technology in the aesthetic field, you can ditch that stubborn in no time. In fact, there are so many double chin removal options available in Singapore, you might be lost in choices. So, to help you out we have all the different options of double chin removal in Singapore along with few other information on why do people get double chins and how to prevent the double chin from appearing. Sounds interesting, right? Well, then continue reading to find out more about double chin removal in Singapore.

Firstly, What Causes Double Chin?

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There are so many possible reasons that cause double chin but one thing for sure double chin is one of the major sources of insecurity for many. Though a double chin is often associated with weight gain the double chin isn’t always caused by weight changes. External factors such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, genetics, your facial anatomy too can lead to double chin formation. Below are some of the most common causes of a double chin.

1. Ageing

Ageing is most probably the number one cause of double chin. As we age, our skin starts losing its collagen which can lead to saggy and loose skin especially around the chin and neck area. 

2. Genetics

Did you know that more than 50% of people develop double chin since young? This is because of their genetic and the bone structure of their family. It is not uncommon to see mothers and daughters facing the same issue of double chin fats.

3. Chin Structure

Your natural chin structure plays a huge role in double chin formation. Generally, people with a smaller chin, tend to have double chin fat appears relatively more prominent than usual. If you have a “small” chin, you will need dermal fillers to contour your chin and achieve a stronger jaw-line.

4. Diet

Well, this is something we bet everyone knows. An unhealthy diet such as high fat and high caloric diet will lead and worsen your double chin condition. In fact, fatty foods will make your double chin even worse because of increased accumulation of fat. 

5. Sun Exposure

If you are someone who spends a relatively long time under the sun then you are more likely to develop a double chin. Sun-tanning or sun-bathing will increase sun-damage of your neck skin. This results in skin thinning and collagen loss which results in loose under-chin and neck skin.

So, How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

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If you are looking for a permanent solution to double chin then you need to commit to both in-clinic treatments and regular lifestyle maintenance. Even if you did go in for a double chin surgery but if your lifestyle isn’t healthy, then we are sorry to say you are most probably going to develop another double chin. These are the home-based lifestyle treatments you need to commit to maintaining double chin reduction results.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

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You can reduce your double chin by losing a significant amount of weight because double chin, in general, is a result of excessive fat build-ups. So, the best and healthiest way is to lose weight is to maintain a healthy diet that is low in fat. Avoid fried foods, sugary foods and eat more fruits and fibres!

2. Do Chin Exercises 

Exercising regularly can help you lose weight, but chin exercises, in particular, can help you lose the excess fats around the area. So, try adding simple chin exercises to your normal workout routine. One you can do is rotate your neck clockwise and counter-clockwise, keeping your mouth open wide and then closing it. This may sound silly but can seriously tighten your neck muscles.

3. Chew on Fat-Free Gums

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To remove a double chin, the muscles around your face and neck must be toned. That is best done by exercising those muscles by chewing gum. Yeap, but don’t take sugary gum as they can increase your sugar level! Chew on sugar-free gum every day to tighten the facial and jawline muscles, thereby toning that area.

4. Apply Wheat Germ Oil Around Chin Area

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Another home remedy that will help you get rid of that extra chin fat is massaging with wheat germ oil. The oil is known to tighten the skin under the chin. You should massage from the bottom of the neck to the chin for about 10-15 minutes before bedtime. Leave the oil overnight and wash it off the next morning. Done regularly, this method can give great results.

5. Increase Vitamin E Intake

27 Foods High In Vitamin E For Skin And Hair

One of the reasons why our skin starts getting saggy is because of lack of Vitamin E. So, consuming more vitamin E  based foods will reduce your chances of having saggy skin and increases the elasticity of the skin. Some of the high Vitamin E source foods are brown rice, leafy vegetables, milk, almond nuts, apples, soybeans, eggs and more. Add these of these vitamin E rich sources in your daily diet, so your skin will be less saggy and the chin firmer.

What Are The Non-Surgical Double Chin Treatments in Singapore? 

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Like we said earlier, there is so many non-surgical treatment double chin removal in Singapore. Below we have listed the most popular and safest ones. 

1. Chin Filler Augmentation

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Much like cheek filler or nose fillers, chin dermal fillers mimic natural skin to plump out specific areas and reduce the appearance of unsightly signs of ageing such as fine lines or double chins. Depending on the type of filler, dermal fillers can last for 1-2 years. They contain hyaluronic acid (popular in anti-ageing skincare products) to help soften and hydrate the skin while adding volume. It is a tolerable procedure but requires at least two days of downtime. However, expect some swelling to remain for at least a week after the procedure. 

2. Ultra V HIFU Facelift

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Another easy way to target your double chin issues is with Ultratherapy. The latest, termed HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) focuses large amounts of heat in particular areas to shrink tissue while promoting collagen growth. The Ultra V HIFU Facelift, in particular, uses ultrasound technology to tighten skin at precise areas to create a smoother, tighter jawline. This treatment is can take as short as 30 minutes through multiple sessions may be required depending on your desired face shape.

3. Neck Threadlift

Is the "Thread Lift" the New Face-Lift? We Asked Plastic Surgeons ...

Threadlifts are threads that are placed under the skin to help lift saggy or drooping tissue. Threadlifts are completely non-surgical and mildly invasive. They work by allowing collagen to build up around the threads. The double chin will improve as your skin gets more used to the thread. These threads also help encourage collagen growth hence promoting natural skin elasticity. The threads can be made from three different types of materials that are safe and slowly disintegrate into tissue naturally. As it takes time for the threads settle into the skin, results can be seen over time. Skin elasticity will continue to improve over the next 2- 6 months and a noticeable difference can be measured.

4. Ulthera / Ultherapy

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Ulthera uses a device that delivers ultrasound energy into the deep layers of the skin where new cells can replace old skin cells. This triggers your body’s natural healing process to use its own collagen to rebuild the skin. Ulthera delivers heat to the tissues and muscle leading to skin tightening and lifting, improving the appearance of sagging skin.

5. Fat-Freeze (Cryolipolysis)

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This treatment works by following the science of cell apoptosis – which means using extremely cold temperatures to trigger the natural process of fat cell death.

6. Botox Underchin Tightening

Botox injections can lift your jawline | Daily Mail Online

Botox helps with reducing the muscle bulk located in the jaw area. It helps relax the muscles, giving the lower part more definition. Botox is injected into the platysmal bands surrounding the neck, causing the muscles to tighten which lifts the neck and narrows the lower face.

How Much Does Double Chin Removal Treatment Cost in Singapore?


The prices for double chin removal treatments in Singapore vary depending on the clinic and your need. On average, the surgery would cost you anywhere around $600- $3,000. These are approximate prices and for more up-to-date prices it is better to directly contact the clinic itself. Optionally, you can also scroll through their website for before and after photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and more! 

Where To Go For Double Chin Removal in Singapore?

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Regarded as one of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore, Amaris B. Clinic can address all of your beauty needs accordingly with personalised attention and more importantly, the appropriate aesthetic treatment. Their Face & Jowl Slimming Treatment is tailormade to help you get rid of stubborn and excess fat around the neck and chin area. Apart from that, Amaris’s Face & Jowl Treatment can also give you a more refined and sharper jawline.

The whole treatment takes around an hour and it is not painful at all. Though it has minimum downtime, you’ll need to wear a facial compression garment for the next 3 days to facilitate a quicker recovery. Prior to the consultation, thier attentive and qualified doctor will assist with all your queries and advise you on all the suitable options available. They also offer customized aftercare treatment to ensure smooth healing.

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