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Five Painless Ways To Get Rid of Your Double Chin

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The face is mostly the first thing people notice about you. It’s the first thing you notice yourself when you look in the mirror and your double chin may be an annoying reminder of your imperfection on a daily basis. Your double chin is most probably giving you a hard time finding your perfect angle to achieve that perfect selfie too.

But there is zero need to feel bad about it now! We have just the perfect ways to get rid of it without having to go under the knife or go through painful extremities just to feel better about how you look


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Sticking to a healthy and nutrient-packed diet is the easiest, cheapest and most doable way to keep the double chin away. Keep away from salt. Junk foods, while tastes so deliciously good, but they could be the very reason why your cheeks and double chin keep showing up. Apart from being bad for your health, salty food also retains water in the body, making you feel and look bloated than normal.

Face Lifting Creams

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Face lifting creams are God’s gift to the skincare industry. They are specifically made to moderate water retention through topical application. These products work through reducing swelling tendencies of the skin and firming the muscles. There are a lot of serums, creams, essences, ampoules and even masks that delivers a well-contoured face with continuous use.

Threadlift at Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery

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Also known as the “lunch hour lift”, threadlift at Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery only takes about an hour to perform and only requires to be done under local anesthesia. It offers quick recovery and leaves no scars, making one return to usual routine right after the procedure. It is done using threads made from PDO polydioxanone, which is an absorbable suture material, made by Ethicon that is inserted through the cheeks which stimulates production of collagen in your body around the thread and creates a subtle yet effective lift on the face.

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Ultra V Lift at Dermaster Singapore

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Ultra V Lift is an improvement of the drawback that traditional facelift procedures bring. It is a minimally invasive procedure that assures zero side effects or trauma. Immediate results are delivered and recovery period is cut a whole lot. It mainly lifts the skin in an instant and stimulates skin collagen production at the same time. The treatment only takes about 30 minutes under numbing creams only.

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Ultherapy at Asia Health Partners

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Also a non-invasive facial contouring treatment, Ultherapy at Asia Health Partners offers face and neck lifting in just a single treatment. It uses the power of focused ultrasound lasers and energy that is proven safe and effective and backed by FDA approval. There is also no downtime involved as it allows patients to resume to daily activities right after the procedure.

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