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This is the Cheekiest Perfume to Give this Valentine’s Day

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I mean, really. The names are enough. Just seeing that bottle on our desk or vanity is enough.

But Kilian fragrances are one of the best, and coveted by serious perfume collectors. The line was developed by Kilian Hennesy (who, by the way is part of the family behind the famous cognac and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy or LVMH brand conglomerate…

…and is also pretty hot.)

But we digress. Kilian does understand perfume; he worked with prestigious perfume houses such as Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani before starting his own line.

And this is part of his latest launch. “A little bomb of seduction inspired by contemporary art, it is both a mini sculpture and a bold declaration. Grab its weighted sphere on top, turn tradition upside down, and remove the bottom square pedestal for spritzing instant sex appeal,” he describes.

They’re not cheap, but they came up with this slightly more affordable line.

Seriously, we want to buy them all.


A floral fragrance that’s as heady as a makeout session.

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A warm and spicy fragrance for a woman who can slay her own dragons and rules her own kingdom, thank you.

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A sexy and fresh scent with a cola accord. “Bad boys are our guilty pleasure but, honestly, what would your Saturday night be without them?”

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And this is the earthy, woody scent in their collection. “I wanted to create the solution to all of lovers’ quarrels with a fragrance to end all fighting. Adults is a very sensual scent with a top note of fig milk that hits soft like naked skin, then cedarwood and vanilla prolong the experience into much more than six minutes of pleasure,” says Kilian.

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Visit the Kilian website to find out more about their fragrances, cosmetics and home fragrances.