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Where to Go if You Want to Improve Your Nose Line

By: / September 20, 2019
Categories : Aesthetics

Having a sharp nose line and a smaller nose is a desire for most Singaporeans. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the features we want. Thankfully, clinics in Singapore have made such features more accessible with the introduction of various treatments such as fillers and threadlifts and even a nose job. Beauty Insider introduces you to the world of cosmetic procedures, for a sharper nose.

1. La Clinic – HIKO Nose Threadlift

Popularised in South Korea, the HIKO Nose Threadlift known as the ‘lunch-time nose job”. The treatment is minimally invasive and uses threads to enhance both the nose bridge and the nose tip without going through a surgical procedure. Threadlifts have proven to be popular as they require minimal downtime and are safer than nose jobs.

The HIKO Threadlift works by placing dissolvable sutures into your nose bridge and/or nose tip. These threads are placed under the skin and work to improve the nose line over time. Some swelling and redness will persist for the next couple of days. One treatment is all it really takes for a quick nose fix. While the threads will dissolve within 6-8 months, the results of the nose threadlift can be maintained for as long as a year after.

La Clinic hosts Dr Rachel Ho who has had years of handling nose threadlifts, fillers and surgeries. When choosing an aesthetic clinic it is important to go to a clinically approved doctor. Dr Rachel Ho is known for her excellent bedside manner and her gentle demeanour.

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2. SW1 Clinic – Nose Fillers

Fillers came from the idea is to make simple corrections to facial features by injecting hyaluronic acid into specific ares of the skin. Nose fillers are temporary procedure. The effects can be seen instantly after one session. However, swelling and redness will persist for the next couple of days.

After a week or so (depending on the extent of fillers and the patient) swelling should reduce and expected results can be seen. Singaporean customers tend to focus on a higher nose bridge and a smaller tip when it comes to nose procedures.

Fillers are ideal for fixing small, specific areas of the nose, for example:

  • crooked nose
  • sharper nose
  • higher nose bridge
  • smaller tip

SW1 Clinic is one of the trusted names in the aesthetic industry. It is important to note that fillers, much like other surgical procedures, are medical procedures and should only be done by a doctor. Before deciding on the procedure of your choice, a preliminary consultation is recommended.

3. Allure Plastic Surgery – Rhinoplasty

Alternatively, if a more permanent and extensive approach is what you are after we suggest a rhinoplasty. Known as the nose job, this is one of the first treatments that was invented before the other two. Though it might seem as old-school and thus invasive it might be the preferred course of action for some cases. Here are the specific areas that a nose job can alter:

  • Nasal bridge
  • Reduction of the size and width of the nose
  • Reduce nostril flares
  • Reduce size or reshape nose tip
  • Smoothening of nose humps
  • Straightening crooked noses

Most nose jobs are complemented by nose fillers. It might be hard to envision the final result of a nose job but rest assured that the doctor present will try his best. Some patients do opt to get a major rhinoplasty followed by smaller incisions to formulate the shape. This is known as a closed rhinoplasty.

At Allure Plastic Surgery you can expect the most experienced doctors and nurses who will cater to your every need. Be it a open or closed rhinoplasty, a thorough consultation will be done with a doctor to show you the difference between your desired look and the reality of a surgery.