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Finally – A Facial that is Completely (and Scientifically) Customized to What your Skin really Needs!

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Most facials can only fix one skin problem, but let’s face it – sometimes our skin is complicated. It can look dull and have acne. It can be oily and have sensitive areas where we accidentally over exfoliated. And sometimes we don’t even know what our skin type is, because it’s changed from hormonal changes or age.

In situations like these, you need to get a facial from a skincare expert who understand your skin and can customize the treatment. That’s the power of Celmonze The Signature (CTS) Signature Plus Facial Treatment.

What makes the Celmonze Signature treatment different?

Celmonze combines 19 years of skincare experience and knowhow in the industry’s best practices, powerful machines, and high-quality ingredients that can transform your skin.

All this expertise goes into analyzing what your skin needs, and then personalizing your facial. They will perform a detailed skin analysis, which will reveal your skin’s moisture levels, skin texture and quality, and even your clogged pores. You’ll be shocked at how many blackheads and whiteheads are on your nose!

Many people who go through this skin analysis are surprised. For example, they realize that they have combination skin, and not dry skin as they always assumed. Others were surprised that their skin was already starting to show signs of deterioration and ageing.

After a thorough analysis, Celmonze The Signature then customizes a treatment – choosing ingredients, and then making sure your skin absorbs those nutrients well. Again, it uses technology that isn’t found in other spas.

“As the skin solution specialist we understand that moisture absorption is important for skin to function. We use an effective peeling solution to remove dead skin, plus a Signature Plus  Signature Plus Machine Nano Mist which delivers  fine moisture molecules that infuse the skin with nutrients and vitamins,” says Celmonze The Signature. 

What skin conditions can this treat?

Celmonze customizes the different machine functions and skincare ingredients for your specific skin concern. It can:

  • Clear acne

Large, swollen pimples are caused by bacteria that lurk in your pores. The Signature Plus Oxygen Electro kills the bacteria, while infusing oxygen into your skin cells to fight inflammation. This effectively prevents breakouts and soothes redness. You are also given a special mask that helps control oil.   

  • Brighten and even out your complexion

Celmonze’s brightening facial uses a mild peeling solution that sloughs off dead skin cells and reveal fresh, soft and brighter skin. Its Signature Plus Lymphatic Regulator also detoxes the skin, and brings nutrients to where your skin needs it the most. Whitening ingredients like licorice also help fade spots and instantly give your skin a fair, pinkish glow.   

  • Soothe irritated and “angry” skin

Is your skin red, itchy, inflamed, or sensitive? Does it sting when you apply skincare products, or feel uncomfortably dry?

“Angry” skin or irritated skin needs gentle but effective treatment, since very harsh ingredients or facial massages will only make it act up even more. Celmonze uses the special Signature Plus Nano Mist to infuse your skin with nutrients and rebuild your skin barrier. Even the people with the most sensitive skin will feel comfortable during the treatment – and be amazed by the results!

  • Tone and energize sagging skin

Think of it as a lunchtime facelift! The Celmonze Signature Plus Face Muscle Energizer boosts blood circulation and moisture levels, instantly rejuvenating the skin. Your skin looks firmer, smoother and younger. It’s also much more effective than an ordinary mask – studies show that one session alone gives you three times more hydration!

You also get a Celmonze Signature Facelift Massage, which drains the skin of toxins and bloating, and helps make your facial features look more defined. Then, the Signature Plus Biowave Rejuvenation System stimulates your collagen production.

That’s not all: the last step is the application of the Celmonze Signature Concentrate Ampoule, which renews and refines skin texture, as well as an energizing cream and sunblock.

This is a great facial treatment to get right before a big event, since you get visible results without the downtime of clinical anti-ageing treatments. For best results, do it regularly – you deserve it!

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