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(2019 Updated) 15 of the Best Beauty Influencers in Singapore You should Follow on Instagram

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Instagram is the easiest way to hop on that beauty train! However, it can get confusing sometimes who are the best of the best in terms of beauty. Not to worry, Beauty Insider gives you the lowdown of the top beauty influencers in Singapore you should follow on Instagram (right now!) to get in on the latest beauty know-hows.

Roanna T – @paradeoflove

If you are beauty junkie, you might have heard of Roanna T. The beauty blogger has garnered over 19,000 followers on Instagram with her beauty reviews and amazing flat lays. Plus, her makeup obsession is so real that her previous Instagram bio was, in her words,  ‘I eat makeup’.

Credit: @paradeoflove

A high-end brand fanatic? Roanna has your back! She is a huge supporter of luxury brands like Nars, Tom Ford, Burberry and more. Moreover, she is well-known for sharing her own personal take on these products, so you can expect honest reviews!  

Instagram: @paradeoflove

Facebook: Paradeoflove

Cheryl – @beautifulbuns_sg

Cheryl is undoubtedly a pioneer when it comes to beauty blogging. This full-time editor started sharing her love for makeup way back in 2012 and has stayed relevant since! She does this by providing detailed blog entries about anything beauty-related. Since then, she has garnered a loyal fan following for the plethora of irresistible flat lays of makeup.

Credit: @beautifulbuns_sg

Having earned the title of Most Popular Beauty Blog in 2015 as well as one of the top 3 Best Beauty Blogs for the Singapore Blog Awards in 2014, has certainly earned her a spot on this list!

Instagram: @beautifulbuns_sg


Leanne Ho – @loveforskincare

Leanne Ho is truly a lover of skincare and beauty. The 47-year-old beauty guru is known for sharing her tried and tested tips, routines and products on her blog. With over 60,000 followers, you can be sure she knows her stuff and is always willing to share it.

Credit: @loveforskincare

Moreover, you will definitely envy her stash of skincare products when you see her aesthetically-pleasing flat lays.

Instagram: @loveforskincare


Candice Chen – @makeup_box

If you are looking for your next makeup look inspiration, look no further than Candice Chen. She has been making waves in Singapore for her creative and gorgeous makeup looks. Additionally, Candice is trusted for her honest and candid reviews for what she uses on the daily. Have a look at her feed to know what to add to your makeup bag! Check out one of her beauty tutorials below!

Instagram: @makeup_box 

Facebook: The Makeup Box


Michelle – @bubblymichelle

This part-time traveller part-time beauty guru has us loving her feed! Michelle started out in 2013, and has upped her game with aesthetically pleasing shots of beauty products we all love! Additionally, this beauty blogger has been making her rounds for her insightful reviews on her blog. Now, she has gained a loyal following for her amazing pictures of makeup, fair reviews and her constant traveling.

Credit: @bubblymichelle

Dry to normal skin users can look to Michelle for her recommendations on skincare! Do check out her blog if you are one of those!

Instagram: @bubblymichelle


Sophia – @makeup_blogette

When it comes to no-frills makeup reviews, Sophia’s Instagram is the place to head to. Think of it as your inside guide to everything you wanted to know about a particular lipstick! With easy-to-read and informative makeup reviews, her loyal following is no surprise. Although Sophia has not updated her blog in a while, she still shares gorgeous flat lays on her Instagram as well as brief reviews on her favourite products. 

Instagram: @makeup_blogette


Jamie Tan – @jamietyj

If you are looking for detailed beauty reviews, check out Jamie Tan! Starting out in 2013, Jamie ventured in beauty vlogging on YouTube to share simple makeup routines and beauty product reviews. Currently, the 25-year-old beauty and lifestyle influencer has over 5000 subscribers on YouTube and 45,000 followers on Instagram. Check out one of her videos below!

Instagram: @jamietyj


YouTube: Jamie Tan

Celine Chiam – @chiamhuiy

Both a lifestyle and beauty influencer, Celine Chiam has definitely earned her spot on this list. Aside from her down-to-earth personality, this beauty and lifestyle blogger has gained a fan following for her honest approach to beauty and life! Now, she has over 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Credit: @chiamhuiy

Furthermore, she was also named Marina Bay Countdown Official Blogger in 2015. In short, Celine is your go-to girl for all stuff beauty-related.

Instagram: @chiamhuiy


Roseanne Tang – @roseannetangrs

What better way to get a product review than from a professional makeup artist herself? Roseanne Tang is a certified makeup artist who has earned the title as one of Singapore’s top beauty bloggers. Furthermore, Roseanne has also come up with her own line of makeup brushes called BloomKIT. Her YouTube channel has gained over 100 000 subscribers to date. You can check out one of her makeup tutorials here! 

Also, Roseanne runs her own makeup classes so if you want to recreate her looks which you can check out at @bloombyroseanne on Instagram.

Instagram: @roseannetangrs


YouTubeRoseanne Tang

Mongchin Yeoh – @mongabong

Mongchin is no stranger to the beauty scene. Starting out her career as a beauty and lifestyle influencer in 2012, Mongchin has made her name in the beauty blogging scene and is one of the top names for brands and audiences alike. She is known for her honest and helpful reviews. Recently, she joined the Youtube bandwagon to share informative beauty tips and tutorials. As a result, Mongchin’s YouTube channel has gained over 78, 000 subscribers. If you are a lover of all things Korean, we suggest checking out her recent trip to Seoul! You can check out Mongchin’s beauty review here.

Instagram: @mongabong


YouTube: Mongabong

Miyake Ng – @callmemiyake

Miyake Ng is the go-to girl for all the know-hows of beauty! One of those who started out under MyFatPocket, the beauty and lifestyle influencer has gone onto start her own blog to share beauty product reviews. Though she is not as active on her blog, she continues to share her creative makeup looks on top of beauty product reviews on Instagram. Additionally, she has a YouTube channel where she also shares in-depth makeup tutorials we know you will love! Check out one of her videos below.

Besides beauty blogging, Miyake has also ventured into launching her new beauty brand. Currently, she is the founder of skincare brand Spoon Drift SG. 

Instagram: @callmemiyake


YouTube: mykxii

Nicole Chang Min – @nicolechangmin

Nicole Chang Min is the latest IT-girl to follow for everything beauty related. Firstly, her bright-coloured feed, is a definite pull factor for anyone who is keen on aesthtetic. However, it is not just pretty pictures she is after. Nicole is also known for being very trendy revealing only the latest beauty launches as well as her honest product reviews on them. As a result, she has garnered over 50 000 loyal followers

Nicole also has a YouTube channel where she lets her followers in on who she really is, this also includes makeup tutorials. Check out one of her makeup tutorials below.

Instagram: @nicolechangmin 


YouTube: Nicole Chang Min

Hannah Chia – @mshannahchia

If you are looking for inspiration for your Instagram feed, we recommend Hannah Chia! Having previously worked as a lifestyle blogger for MyFatPocket, Hannah has ventured into blogging about travel, beauty and wellness on her own. Since then, she has gained quite the following for her captivating beauty product photography and her beauty sneak peeks.

Instagram: @mshannahchia 


MusicalHouses – @muscialhouses

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I like featuring local brands when I get the chance, and so far @sigiskin has been a pretty good one (the sunscreen in particular is nice)! And now their latest #skincare product is the Dew Potion, which is basically an #essence in #facemist form! Interestingly enough, I was told that the product is made out of only #plantbased extracts (the main ones here are chamomile, maqui berry, and something called “Aqua 3G” which seems to be a blend of other extracts and ingredients), and there is no water added (i.e. the plant extracts themselves do have water but they are not further diluted with water). So if you’re into #naturalskincare, this is definitely something to keep an eye out for! Also, the slightly pink/purple tint to the liquid is actually due to the natural tinting of the products – interestingly, I was told that when #sigiskin was developing this product, the first time round it was actually purple, and further refinement of the formula made it the almost colourless mist it is now! (Still think a bright purple face mist would have been interesting though! 😂) Lastly, I was told this product has some anti-pollution properties (due to the #antioxidant nature of the extracts). More in my stories! . . . #skincareproducts #beauty #asianbeauty #asianskincare #rasianbeauty #abblogger #abcommunity #abskincare #naturalskincareproducts #naturalbeauty #naturalbeautyproducts #greenbeautyproducts #greenbeauty #greenskincare #skincareblogger #skincareproduct #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincareaddiction #flowers

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Nothing screams colour more than the makeup flat lays by @MusicalHouses! Often seen using flowers as part of the flat lay posts, @MusicalHouses is best known for their beauty sneak peeks and detailed reviews of each beauty product on Instagram.

Additionally, they go in-depth and shares some insights into the science behind skincare ingredients on her blog, so you know what you are putting into your skin. It is no surprise that this has earned her the title of Beauty Blog Finalist at the Singapore Blog Awards twice!

Instagram: @musicalhouses


Mag – @makeupstash

Mag’s Instagram posts will leave you feeling envious of her makeup stash! This local beauty blogger shares her passion for makeup with her favourite makeup products by giving honest and detailed reviews on them. Also, she shares amazing makeup flat lays for your next flatly inspiration!

Instagram: @makeupstash