Bid Goodbye to Dark Armpits With These Aesthetic Solutions to Underarm Whitening

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Let’s admit it, dark underarms are quite embarrassing. It just a mood kill especially when it comes to wearing sleeveless tops, bathing suits, sports attires and more. Not being able to wear a certain type of clothing or being able to participate in an activity freely can lead to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes, you can try all the natural remedies out there but nothing works effectively. Hence, Beauty Insider puts together this article on underarm whitening, aesthetically.

What causes dark underarms?

As your underarm is part of your body, it should naturally be the same shade as the rest of your skin. However, in some cases, some of our armpits can turn a darker hue. But fret not, as dark underarms aren’t a sign of anything serious, other than embarrassment. However, there are a couple of common causes of dark underarms and here they are:

  • Hyperpigmentation. Any inflammation to the skin leads to an over-expression of melanin production in the skin. This arises from atopic eczema, repetitive friction, burns and skin infections.
  • Insulin resistance. Majority of people with this condition are insulin resistant. It means that the body has become less sensitive to the effects of insulin.
  • Hormonal disorders. Those with an underactive thyroid, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or other hormonal disorders are more prone.
  • Genetics. If your parents or family have it, you are more likely to have it.
  • Medication. If you are on medications that have a high dose of niacin, birth control pills and corticosteroids, then you are also more likely to have dark armpits.
  • Obesity. Those who are obese are also more likely to notice dark skin in their underarms and other areas of the body.

What are Underarm Whitening Laser Treatments?

Underarm whitening laser treatments use advanced technologies to treat pigmentation deep beneath the skin. Lasers are a non-invasive treatment that requires little to no downtime. When it comes to precise treatments for effective underarm whitening, specialists are always the best option.

Not only that, but underarm hair also adds to the appearance of dark underarms, which is why getting rid of it has to be done in an appropriate way. When you shave, it causes friction on the skin that makes the pigmentation worse. However, laser hair removal can get rid of underarm hair instantly and lead to permanent hair loss in the area.

There are a couple of laser treatments being offered in aesthetic clinics and these are the treatments:

Underarm Whitening Treatments in Aesthetic Clinics

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic – Pico Laser Treatment

At Sozo Aesthetic Clinic, they use Pico Laser that achieves a better and faster clearance rate as it is improved technology. What Pico Laser does is that it breaks down the pigmentation in picoseconds instead of nanoseconds, making it 10 times faster. Not only that, but the Pico Laser treatment is also able to deliver higher energy of laser beams to break the pigments into tiny fragments more effectively. Additionally, this treatment was specifically designed to treat natural pigmentation. For instance: melasma, freckles, and hyperpigmentation.

Location: 1 Raffles Place #05-12/13 One Raffles Place (Shopping Mall) Singapore 048616

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Apax Medical & Aesthetics Clinic – Underarm Whitening Laser Treatment

Apax Medical & Aesthetic Clinic uses the  Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser system that effectively targets deeper pigmentation within the skin. This laser treatment is suitable for cases that underarm pigmentation has not responded to whitening creams, mixed epidermal and dermal pigmentation, and predominantly dermal pigmentation. How it works is that the laser energy helps break down the melanin, which then is taken away by the body’s healing response in a few treatment sessions.

Location: Unit 02-11 Junction 10, Woodlands Centre Rd, Singapore 677899

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Prive Aesthetics – Revlite Laser

Prive Aesthetics too uses Q-switched Nd-Yag laser for the underarm whitening treatments. The Revlite laser treatment breaks the pigments on the skin that are manifested as darkened skin area. This FDA-approved treatment helps in lightening pigmentation, minimising pores, reducing fine lines and evening out the skin tone. The laser emits a low-level heath that penetrates the skin and the excess melanin will absorb the heat. Then, this absorbed heat breaks down the particles of melanin into smaller particles and it will be broken down by the body and excreted as waste.

Location: #03-02, Palais Renaissance 390 Orchard Road Singapore 238871

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The Clifford Clinic – Pico Laser Treatment

The Clifford clinic also uses Pico Second Laser that uses selective photo-thermolysis, which is a technique that matches with specific wavelengths of light t heat up targeting tissues to break the pigments of the body. During this laser process, tiny bubbles are formed and eventually filled up with collagen during the body’s natural healing process. This laser works in picoseconds instead of nanoseconds which proves Pico laser is 10 times faster than the traditional nanosecond lasers in the market.

Location: 24 Raffles Place #01-03 Clifford Centre Singapore 048621

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Pink Parlour Singapore – Snow White Underarm Treatment

With the Snow White Underarm Treatment by Pink Parlour will allow you to wear your favourite sleeveless outfits again. You do not have to worry about dark underarms any more. Also, you can now feel confident in what you are wearing. This treatment by Pink Parlour uses an exfoliating process that removes the dead skin cells in your underarm and unclogs the pores.

Location: 205 Hougang Street 21, #02-36, Heartland Mall, Kovan, Singapore 530205

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