Beauty News: 5 Must-Try Face Masks That Your Fave Celebs Swear By!

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / November 12, 2021
Categories : Beauty News

If there’s one thing we’re truly grateful for—for all the time we get to spend at home—is the totally unique opportunity we’ve been given to freely splurge some skincare routine at any given time of the day, without getting judges. Um, can you imagine walking around an open area at the office with a 24k gold face mask attached to our face at exactly 3pm on Monday? Laughable

And ever since we have more time to actually look after our skin, it means more time for us to try and test out numerous kinds of skincare products and brands that are on the rise. And that includes our favourite celebrities product-of-choice. I mean, let’s face it, we don’t exactly know what we want until we’re being told what we want—and that’s exactly the role of these so called influencers and celebrities, advertising and flaunting all the hot items they owned, so we, as a third base consumer, would be giddy to try them on too. 

But with hundreds of different face masks available in the market, and ‘’promoted’’ by these A-listers, how would we know which one is suitable for us? Which one exactly would deliver the job, and not only rely behind the hype of their brand’s name? So, that’s why we, at Beauty Insider targeted specifically for certain celebrities for more reliable content. From the famous 24k gold sheet mask to hydrogel sheet that are believed to fix all your skin concerns in a blink of an eye—we rounded up 5 must-try face masks, according to your fave celebs!

Chrissy Teigen 

One thing about Chrissy Teigen is that she will always speak the truth. So when she said she swore by this GlamGlow GravityMud Firming Treatment face mask, then this is a sign that you should try them on, too. According to Chrissy this mud face mask from the trusted beauty cosmetic GlamGlow will help to redefine your skin appearance. Especially if you’re dealing with an ageing skin concern. This magical mask will help to fix all your wrinkles and fine lines problems, replacing them with a better, smoother brightening looking skin. 

Gigi Hadid 

C’mon, everyone loves them some Gigi Hadid, right? So if you want to look as flawless as our favourite AMerica-Palestenian model, you better try her all time favourite, the Double Take Hydrogel Mask from Loops Beauty. The face mask is jam packed with skin boosting elements like aloe vera, sunflower and seed-oil powered serum. They’re technically proven to help control the production of oil, smoothen out the appearance of pores, and soothe inflammation. So if you have oily prone skin or sensitive skin, we suggest you try this out! Use them once a week before bed, and watch your skin glow.

Kaia Gerber

When it comes to supermodel, Kaia Gerber, you know she does everything extra. For Kaia, her mask of choice is none other than the ultra-luxe 14k-gold facial, created by celebrity aestheticians, Mimi Luzon. And judging by her facial appearance, we know that this boujee face mask definitely gets the job done. This powerful facial mask is believed to fix all ageing situations that are slowly starting to develop. So, say goodbye to a dull and uneven looking complexion, and welcome a more glowy and brighter skin!

Kourtney Kardashian 

Ever wonder why the eldest Kardashian sister also looks like the youngest of them all? This because Kourtney Kardashian swears by not one, but three different masks to keep her skin looking younger than the rest of the klan! First, she will prioritize the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask where she will dedicate an average time of 10 minutes everyday to really let the pink clay treatment detoxify her skin. Next, mostly at night, she’ll use Dr Barbara Sturm’s Clarifying Mask—a mattifying kaolin clay mask, mixed with zinc oxide, and sunflower oil blend altogether that will leave her face looking fresher and well-balanced. So, basically anything that suggests detoxifying her skin, Kourtney loves them! I mean, look at her young complexion though. Last but not least, when it comes to eye patches and getting rid of panda eyes, Kourtney opt for Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. In one of her interviews, Kourtney revealed that she literally brings the firming eye gels everywhere. So whenever she feels dehydrated under the eyes, she’ll immediately use them to bring the moisture back in.

Selena Gomez

Are we really not going to believe the mogul behind the brand, RARE Beauty? When Selena Gomez speaks, you better listen! In her new ‘’Get Ready With Me Video’’ on Vogue, Selena revealed that she relies rather heavily on the affordable eye masks that, surprisingly, her little sister recommended. She loves the cucumber eye-mask from Sephora which retail at only $6. According to the multi-talented star, the cucumber eye mask mainly helps to depuff her under eye problems, getting rid of inflammation and soothes redness. As of now, Selena Gomez and her sister have over 18 cucumber sheet masks at home. Um, okay, we follow suit!

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