Welcome to the future of makeup. Have you ever had the trouble of choosing which shade of lipstick to buy? Besides being expensive, testing makeup products in a shop can be very deceptive! We are sure many women and men out there who are makeup enthusiasts have the same struggle. An overload of lipstick hidden in their vanity! Well, after being a staple in the beauty industry for so many decades, lipsticks never seem to really change. With similar presentations and packaging, its form hasn’t really changed ever since its creation back in 1923! That’s a long time counting! It’s about time we made a breakthrough, and that’s exactly what GoPlay did with the launching of their Lipskit 2.0 on Kickstarter

The Birth Of GoPlay Cosmetics & The Lipskit 1.0

Mugdha Hedaoo

Meet Mugdha Hedaoo, a brilliant mind who gave birth to the idea of an innovative solution. “GoPlay cosmetics was born out of a personal pain point”. Upon having to move houses one day, Hedaoo discovered her affinity for makeup and colours had caught up to her in the form of two full boxes! What’s worse, was that she realised that most of the products accumulated were either expired, unusable, or both! Sensing that this wasn’t just a “me problem”, Hedaoo gathered everyone she could find. Reaching out to “friends, family and even strangers”, to understand the root cause. With an engineering background, “I used my training to develop a device that dispenses measured quantities of primary colours (red, yellow, blue, white and black), that can be mixed to create any colour a user wants.”


“After 18 months of research”, GoPlay’s first product, the Lipskit was born. With this new creation, Hedaoo notes that it “allows a makeup lover to have access to all the colours on the spectrum, while not wasting effort, time and money on buying more products only to be disappointed”. This was around 2 years ago, at the beginning of August. Suffice to say, that it’s great timing that they are launching their Lipskit 2.0 two years later! 

The Lipskit 2.0 – Better Than Ever


Compared to the Lipskit 1.0, the 2.0 is way more hyper-personalised! Where the last device was just a tool for you to create any lip colour you want, the 2.0 upgrades it to ensure that it’s able to be personalised according to your skin and undertone! This time around, GoPlay is launching an app to go along with their Lipskit! Hedaoo mentioned that “at the time of purchase, we ask the users to go through a 2-minute quiz to understand their skin type”. This allows the team to “custom assemble the Lipskit to suit their skin tones exactly”. Since every person falls into 1 of 12 ‘Skin seasons’, “We help our customers identify their skin season and our AI-driven app recommends a palette of colours that work best for them.”

Wow, having a personal makeup factory AND personal stylist on hand is pretty unique! Isn’t it amazing that you can just pick any colour you want and the app will just whip up the perfect blend for you? An absolute dream! Which kind of pokes into our nostalgia of playing with makeup as kids! So, it’s no surprise when a kid sees their mommy playing with the Lipskit, that they would want it too! With the tagline, “let the child in you glam up the grown up you”, maybe both mommy and child can fix up a unique blend. What’s more, is that GoPlay DEFINITELY encourages everyone to “GoPlay”, with their Lipskit! 

The Ups & Downs Before The Triumph


Of all the many challenges GoPlay faces, the fact the Lipskit is so NEW, is probably one of the most difficult. People don’t like change. It’s hard to adapt when something new comes in. Rather than learning about how this new product could change the beauty industry for the better, most would rather stick to the stuff they know. That’s why GoPlay does their absolute best to educate people about their product. Like all product-focused businesses, GoPlay is always open to feedback. So, the team frequently converses with customers and family “to understand their aspirations and demands”. They are confident that their products will evolve along with the beauty industry. Their goal will be to provide customers with – “(a) personalised, (b) on-demand, (c) sustainable products will not change”.

So, stick around and keep an eye out for GoPlay! They are a force to be reckoned with as they have many exciting new products planned for the future. Ranging from “DIY colour solutions for the eyes and face”! But for now, go show some love to their newly launched Lipskit 2.0 and their determination to provide “high quality, affordable products that surprise and delight our customers, all over the world”. 

Be sure to stay alert as the Lipskit 2.0 could be launching anytime soon! Head on over to their Kickstarter to be notified when it finally drops!

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