Ladies, I have hella good news—Singapore’s first luxury intimate care brand, TWO L(I)PS, which literally focuses on the care and healthiness of your vagina, has finally opened their very first flagship store. Located in ION Orchard, the store is considered the stepping stone to continue its mission of breaking taboos and changing perspectives, by creating fresh and unique retail experiences for women in Singapore, as well as around the world. 

More than just a physical store, the TWO L(I)PS flagship store opens up an unconventional shopping experience that presents shoppers the opportunities for discovery. Inspired by the concept of a modern-day “curiosity shop”, it is filled with quirky, unexpected and interactive installations in every corner, stimulating curiosity through experiences of scent, touch and sight. 

Beauty Insider got our takes on what TWO L(I)PS’s flagship store would have to offer, the stories behind the concept and most importantly the brand’s vision and mission into creating and maintaining their customer’s experience, comfort and satisfaction. Check them out. 

A Shop Of Curiosities

Being creative and using art to spark difficult conversations has always been in the brand’s DNA. Continuing the series of artist collaborations from Voyage To The Vulva-verse, the store houses carefully curated wonders commissioned from talented artists, such as Singaporean designer Olivia Lee, French artist Sylvia Goubern and Singaporean ceramist Mud Rock Ceramics. The store aims to serve as a platform for experimentation, welcoming artists of various disciplines to come together to reflect the TWO L(I)PS’ spirit of creativity and innovation. “We have always been leading the charge, and pushing the boundaries of vulva care. Who would have thought that vulva care could be here today, not only with 16 effective products but also the first physical store that is dedicated to the vulva in Singapore. It was a bold vision, tackling such a sensitive subject and making it accessible. It took us four years and it’s been almost surreal, but we are finally here,” Cynthia Chua, founder of TWO L(I)PS explained. 

“By obscuring stories behind key installations, we hope that the public would be empowered to come closer to discover more; to better understand vulva care as more than a mere beauty routine, rather as a lifestyle revolving around self-care, self-love and open conversations. We hope that the public will leave with a sense of enlightenment, feeling good about themselves,’’ added Cynthia. Once you step foot into the store, a myriad of tactile and olfactory experiences await you, as you touch and feel the curves on abstract ceramic artworks, and be guided by intriguing scents around the store. These interactive touchpoints play on the themes of privacy and voyeurism, inviting the customer to seek out the secrets of the store on their own terms. Designed to reflect the brand’s intimate and inherently bold nature, the 500-square foot space has been transformed into a curvaceous, cavern-like space, decked in a warm and sensual colour palette.

The Sun & Moon Tester Bar 

A highlight of the store is the Sun & Moon tester bar, which represents an olfactory experience, and takes you on a journey of discovery to the brand’s soon-to-be launched duo of mood enhancers. Inspired by the concept of interlunation, the tester bar is an intimate dome-shaped room, where the uplifting scent of the Sun is juxtaposed against the mysterious scent of the Moon. Scent them in union from meteorite-like sculptures that double as scent diffusers. This pair of mood-enhancers are inspired by cosmic symbology, lunar cycles and planetary orbits, that come together to incite positive emotions of day and night.

Christmas Special Sale 

And just in time for the festive season, give your friends and loved ones the gift of self-care with TWO L(I)PS’ exclusive Christmas sets. To uplift the senses, each bundle comes lovingly wrapped in brown paper packages and adorned with dried elements and ceramic discs scented with Sun & Moon, for a memorable gift.

Choose from three festive bundles:

1. Discovery Set, $280

Discovery Sets

Kickstart your personal journey with this fuss-free yet effective starter set, formulated for

everyday use to control sebum and return radiance to the most sensitive of skin.

This set contains:

Bumpps, Sebum Control Serum

Diamond, Gentle Vitamin C Brightening Serum

2. Booster Set, $460

Booster Set

Keep skin happy with this powerhouse trio that’s made to keep sebum and blackheads in

check, all while leaving skin hydrated and glowing.

This set contains:

Bumpps, Sebum Control Serum

Diamond, Gentle Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Pout, Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum

3. Prebiotic Set, $375

Prebiotic Set

Give your skin the goodness it deserves with our Prebiotic range, a specially formulated set designed to feed your unique microbiome. From your vulva to your face, satisfy your skin’s cravings so it remains at its healthiest state.

This set contains:

Rinse, Gentle Probiotic Cleanser

Scrubbs, Konjac Jelly Scrub

Juice, Prebiotic Body Balm

Sleepover, Repairing Overnight Mask

Screen, Pore-Refining Sunscreen

The TWO L(I)PS flagship store is located at ION Orchard, #B3-37, and is open from Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm.

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