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3 V-line treatments: Which one is for you?

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The V-line – full cheeks, and a slim, firm and delicate jawline –  Is thought to be the Korean ideal of youthful beauty. But as we grow older, our face loses some of its definition. Our diet and lifestyle can also cause bloating, making our face look even bigger. Here are some Singapore aesthetics treatments that can help you achieve (and maintain!) that much-desired V-shape.

V-Line Massages

This often includes the typical deep cleansing followed by a facial massage to help reduce any puffiness or water retention along the jaw. Your facialist will press down your jaw and cheeks with her thumbs or knuckles, draining the tissues and improving circulation. You can ask her to adjust pressure if it’s too uncomfortable.

V-line massages are non-invasive and have no side effects, but they can only enhance your facial shape. They’re best for removing puffiness or complementing your existing anti-aging and lifting skincare regimen.  Some Singapore aesthetics clinics will also include relaxing scalp massages and application of anti-aging serums and masks.

V-line massages also need to be done frequently – at least twice a month – for best results. You can also do a simple facial massage at home. Watch this video:

V-line Injections

Some Singapore aesthetics clinics will offer a combination of botox and chin fillers that contain hyaluronic acid, phosphatidylcholine (PC) or other known ingredients that plump and restore firmness to the skin. The botox paralyzes and shrinks the muscles along the jaw, while the chin fillers help create a very defined chin.

The injections take less than an hour, and the results are seen immediately. The pain is very slight – you’ll be given a topical numbing cream, and most patients say that the needle pricks are like “little ant bites”.  Expect some swelling and redness, though this subsides within 24 hours. Results last for a few months.

V-line Surgery

There are two kinds of V-line surgery: cheekbone surgery, and the jaw surgery. In both cases the aesthetic surgeon will crack, carve or shave the bone to create the facial shape you want. At your first consultation, you’ll get an X-ray so you can understand what needs to be done.  In many cases a part of your bone will be cut, and the surrounding bones connected. Any protruding bones will be carved off.

V-line surgery is permanent, and requires anesthesia and several months of recovery. As you heal, you may experience difficulty and discomfort in eating, talking, smiling and breathing. This is a highly complicated procedure especially since the face is a very intricate network of both bones and nerves. Like all surgeries of this kind, there is a risk of complications. Discuss the potential side effects and down time with your doctor.
If you are considering V-line surgery, go to an experienced Singapore aesthetics surgeon who has performed this many times.

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