modern makeup looks, eye makeup looks for brown eyes

5 Natural Eye Makeup Looks You May Wanna Try This 2018

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The dramatic winged eyeliner and the dark smokey eye is a staple classic eye makeup of all time. But let’s open a bag of beauty tricks and make room for more natural, wearable tones.

Many new cosmetics and new niche brands seem to pop up on a regular basis. But do these modern makeup looks need to be all natural and good for the body? The companies that have created natural product lines are asking us to trust them, too. Check out these five natural eye makeup looks this 2018 regardless if you have black or brown eyes.

Peach Perfect

modern makeup looks, eye makeup looks for brown eyes

Peach eyeshadow is a shade that just about everyone can wear for a fresh, bright-eyed look.  and it can actually flatter every skin tone. This bronze look is often coined as “Tequila Sunrise” for its orange hues. It began in 2017 and is expected to be more popular this year. These fresh-picked shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking sweet as a peach year-round. The key is choosing a shade the works with your skin tone and applying it the right area of your eye for the look that you’re going for.

You might wanna check out Too Faced Love Palette to achieve this look here.

Spring Pink

modern makeup looks, eye makeup looks for brown eyes

This natural dainty look is perfect for office wear. Although this is very tricky when you’re trying to avoid looking like you have an actual pink eye. When done right, this look can make you very sweet and youthful. It is universally flattering that it instantly brightens up your eyes. With the right amount of shimmering pink, it doubles its role as an eye highlighter. It’s more versatile than you think as it can be used for the entire face if you’re going a more monochromatic look. You may want to try using your favorite blush on your lids to see if you’re ready to give in to the trend.

Achieve the dainty pink eyes here through this Bobbi Brown Deluxe Lip and Eye Palette here.

Golden Bronze

modern makeup looks, eye makeup looks for brown eyes

Bring back that summer glow that best matches your tan with this look. Gold eye makeup is applied to the lid to enable eyes to pop up and black is used in the corners to accentuate the overall look. Dab a copper shadow, a few shades lighter than the bronze one, across the lid to soften the look. Surely, your eyes will scream sunset!

Check out Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette for a wide variety of golden glow here.

Warm and Bold

modern makeup looks, eye makeup looks for brown eyes

As much as you’re not afraid to rock the bold red lip color, burgundy tones for the eyes is also for everyone, you just have to apply the right shade. You’ve all been thinking that red eyeshadows are only worn on avant-garde runway shows but if done right, the crimson shade is actually wearable and stunning. Here are the rules of thumb for the tricky red shade:

Fair: Pink Reds

Medium: Warm Reds

Dark: Rich, Burgundy Reds

Check out Ciate London Olivia Palermo Collection The Smouldering Eye Palette for a wide variety of choices here.

Smokey Matte Brown

modern makeup looks, eye makeup looks for brown eyes

This is everyone’s favorite or safest choice, t is also the easiest to achieve. This fail-proof look is effortlessly sexy to compliment almost any look. No need to add more drama because this eye makeup look can surely bring out the hazel eyes in you.

Check out By Terry Eye Designer Palette here.

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