Achievement unlocked: we found natural deodorants that can get you through a long, hot sticky day without getting stinky. Best part? They are cruelty-free!

And if you’re interested in natural deodorants but have questions about the best way to buy them, use them, and keep your armpits smelling fresh, check out our deodorant FAQ at the end of this article!

honest & gentle deodorant, original

The honest & gentle deodorant is our Beauty Insider 2021 Best Personal Care, Best Deodorant, Readers’ Choice Award Winner! This means, that we are honest when we say that it is an effective deodorant that absorbs perspiration. Besides that, it also has the benefit to help neutralise the body’s odour! Wear it day or night, as it is super easy to apply and doesn’t leave a sticky residue at all. What’s more, is that it doesn’t stain your clothes as well! So you can rest assure that no marks will be left on your underarm. By minimising bacteria, it helps keep your pits fresh!  

Price: $13.50

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Twisted Dua Calm The Funk Down Deodorant Cream

This Calm The Funk Down Deodorant Cream is a natural deodorant that has a plant-based cream formula that is infused with 9 essential oils and natural butters that gives you the scent of being in a spa. Not only that, but it also eliminates odours quite effectively. What we love most about this product is that it is natural, gender-neutral, free from alcohol, chemicals, parabens, sulphates as well as synthetics.

Additionally, this cruelty-free formula also spreads evenly and easily on your skin without feeling sticky. This lightweight cream deodorant is suitable for those who are always on the move and active. Also, if you’re someone with sensitive skin, this will work magic on you too! All you have to do is to apply a small amount of cream on your clean and dry underarms evenly, and voila! You will no longer have to worry about lifting your arms up no more!

Price: $18.00

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Tom’s of Maine Natural Long Lasting Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine’s extra-strength deodorant stops body odour in three ways: the zinc salts absorb and neutralize odour, natural botanicals kill bacteria that can cause you to stink, and it has a really fresh herbal scent.   

Plus, it’s 100% vegetable-derived and has no artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives that can irritate your skin.

Price: $8.10

Where to buy: Tom’s of Maine

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Katfood Not a Hint deodorant

Katfood’s a Singapore brand that totally gets how hot and sticky our weather can be. So even if its deodorants are 100% natural and organic, it’s guaranteed to fight the smells and sweat. The secret lies in a winning mix of baking soda, arrowroot powder and cornstarch that keeps your ‘pits dry and fresh the whole day. It also contains tea-tree to fight odour-causing bacteria and give that extra clean and minty feeling.  

Price: $15.90

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Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant Lavender & Sage – Formula Nº 1

This plant-based and cruelty-free deodorant from Salt & Stone is brought to you all the way from the United States! Afraid that the stinky odour of your underarms might stand in your way of dancing all night? Well, never fear! The Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant Lavender & Sage – Formula Nº 1 is your saviour. Did you also know that natural deodorants actually allow more room for your pores to breathe? Thus, creating less odour too! Its formula also contains ingredients such as shea butter that helps soothe and regenerate your skin, without the use of aluminium. 

Price: $26.00

Where to buy: DECKOUT

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Briogeo B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Deodorant

If you have dry, normal or combination skin types, then the Briogeo B. Well Tea Tree + Eucalyptus Clean Deodorant is the right choice for you. This deodorant is plant-based and its formula is also free from toxins. By harnessing the power of natural-based ingredients, it is able to soothe irritation on your pits and neutralise the odour as well! The presence of eucalyptus and potent tea tree helps with minimising odour. Coconut Water, on the other hand, helps calm the sensitivity of your underarms that are usually caused by shaving frequently. 

Price: $25.00

Where to buy: Sephora

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Nivea Whitening Powder Deodorant Roll On

A notable brand of deodorant is the Nivea deodorant line. From spray-on deodorants to roll-on deodorants, we’ve probably used one of them in our lifetime! That’s for good reason as the Nivea Whitening Powder Deodorant Roll On is also a great deodorant to score! Available at your local drugstore, this deodorant provides up to 48 hours of antiperspirant protection that is effective. Its formula contains Liquorice and Vitamin C, which helps with brightening your underarms. With a powdery fragrance, the presence of Kaolin Powder also provides smoothness and long-lasting comfort. 

Price: $2.90

Where to buy: Watsons 

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Schmidt’s Ylang Ylang + Calendula

Singapore beauty reviewers swear this is one of the best natural deodorants for Singapore weather. The powders soak up the sweat, and the high-quality essential oils make you smell like a garden even when you’re personally wilting under the heat. You can get it in a convenient stick form, or apply it with a spatula from a small pot. (The second’s a bit of a hassle, but some women say it’s got a more potent formula.)

Price: $43.98

Where to buy: Lazada

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Puressentiel Organic Deodorant Spray  

This bestselling natural deodorant contains tea tree, lemon and lavender that not only smell fresh but kill bacteria. This is perfect if you want a gentle formula that won’t irritate your skin. Lemon is also a natural skin lightener, so it can help whiten dark armpits.

Where to buy: Qoo10

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Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

If you tend to get really sweaty, this is one of the best natural deodorants for you. “I used to get these really embarrassing stains under my armpits. Worst of all, I’d get rashes around there too.” admits one Singapore beauty reviewer. “This deodorant saved me!”

The secret lies in the kaolin clay that sucks out all the sweat and oil, and shea butter and aloe vera that heals irritated skin.

Price: $26.05

Where to buy: Amazon

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Lush The Greeench Deodorant Powder

“I love this natural deodorant powder because I can use it anywhere I get sweaty – armpits, inner thighs, even under my breasts. Sorry if TMI, but the struggle is real!” one beauty reviewer candidly shared on Amazon.

The thyme, tea tree and sage helps fight body odour and the lycopodium powder keeps you fresh and dry.  

Price: $28.00

Where to buy: Lush

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Aesop Spray Deodorant

If body odour is your biggest issue, then reach for this natural deodorant spray. It has 11 essential oils to keep you fragrant and fresh throughout the day. It’s also quick and easy to reapply – just spritz as you need it.

Price: $45.00

Where to buy: Aesop

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Natural Deodorants: Benefits, FAQ and Tips

natural deodorants Singapore

Trying natural deodorants for the first time? Worried that “going natural” may cause you to have body odour? Read on to find out more to get a better scent — we mean, sense — of what going natural means.

Why should I use natural deodorants? Are natural deodorants “safer” or “healthier?”

They don’t block sweat. Some chemical deodorants (especially aluminium-based deodorants) work by blocking your sweat ducts. However, you’re supposed to sweat — this is the body’s way of cooling down and releasing toxins.

They don’t change your natural body scent. Furthermore, blocking sweat can actually worsen body odour. Research shows that antiperspirants actually increase the levels of bacteria in the armpit. You may be sweating less, but you stink more. In fact, researchers concluded that “long-term use of antiperspirants can lead towards altered odour production of the armpit.” 

They don’t irritate the skin or darken armpits. Chemical deodorants are also more likely to cause skin reactions like redness, swelling, and itching Over time, the irritation can cause armpit skin to become thicker and darker. (Read about the laser treatment that whitens dark armpits!)

They may be less of cancer risk. Deodorants are applied on the skin near the breasts, which has led to concerns that the chemicals can be absorbed by breast tissue and affect estrogen levels. (Estrogen has been linked to breast cancer.) However, these claims need to be taken with a grain of salt: we apply so little deodorant a day, and there is no research or valid study that proves deodorants are a significant cancer risk.

Can natural deodorants control bad body odour? How do you make your armpits not stink?

can natural deodorants control body odour

Natural deodorants can be just as effective as traditional deodorants! They contain plant extracts that kill the bacteria that cause body odour. Some of these plant extracts also have a naturally pleasant fragrance. So you smell fresh all day!

That being said, natural deodorant shouldn’t be your only defence against body odour. Our article on 10 natural ways to fight body odour can give you a full list of how to smell fresh all day (even in Singapore’s hot weather!). But some of its tips include:

  • Avoid or limit food with strong-smelling spices. If you love spicy food, be sure to drink lots of water to help your body detox!
  • If you tend to sweat a lot, bring a change of clothes. Wear shirts made of cotton or special fabrics that soak up sweat. Avoid synthetic materials like polyester or rayon that trap sweat and contribute to body odour.
  • Keep armpits dry with baking soda and cornstarch.
  • Take supplements like wheatgrass or chlorophyll, which help balance your skin’s PH and prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria.
  • Use a body wash that fights body odour, and a gentle body scrub that can exfoliate any dead cells that block your sweat glands and pores.

What’s the best way to “switch” to natural deodorants? Are there side effects or transition periods I should worry about?

natural deodorants

When you stop using antiperspirants, you may go through a few days when your body “detoxes.” You may be sweating more, or have a stronger body odour. As your body pushes out the trapped chemicals, your armpits may also become red or irritated. Since it’s especially sensitive, you may experience some stinging from the baking soda in your natural deodorant. If you have very inflamed skin, try a natural deodorant made of diatomaceous earth, which is less irritating than baking soda.

This doesn’t mean your natural deodorant isn’t working! Give yourself 7 to 10 days to adjust. To prevent irritation, wear loose clothes and keep your armpits dry. Bring an extra shirt you can change into, in case you sweat a lot.

You can speed up your body detox by drinking lots of water. (You may also want to add a detox supplement to continue your new, clean lifestyle.)

How do I pick the best natural deodorant?

The best natural deodorants generally have an equal balance of baking soda and high-quality essential oils. You may also want to avoid parabens and propylene glycol, especially if you have sensitive or irritated skin.

It’s also important to consider that people have unique body chemistry. Your body odour may also be caused by different kinds of bacteria, or you may be sensitive to a particular essential oil. That’s why it may take a while to find the best natural deodorant for you!

It’s also important to reapply deodorant, especially in extra-sweaty conditions. You may also want to “layer” your protection: use a roll-on deodorant, control mid-day sweat with powder or cornstarch, and freshen up with a natural deodorant spray. You can also use a body wash made with ingredients that fight body odour!

What’s the best way to apply natural deodorant?

If the product has a very firm or waxy formula, rub it with your fingers or against your skin so it softens and glides on better.

Since many natural deodorants don’t have preservatives, they expire faster especially in moist conditions (like a gym bag, bathroom or locker). If you can’t avoid storing them there, get a smaller bottle you can use up quickly.

What can I use instead of natural deodorant?

how to make DIY natural deodorants

If you don’t want to buy natural deodorant, you can try making one yourself. Here’s a simple recipe for DIY deodorant:


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch (or arrowroot powder for sensitive skin)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1/8 -1/4 teaspoon essential oil (try lavender, lemongrass, tea tree oil, and mint — all popular ingredients in natural deodorants!


If you are using solid coconut oil, measure what you need and then melt in the microwave. Use 10-second intervals until you get the consistency you want.

Add the essential oils and stir until well-blended. Then, add the baking soda and cornstarch. Lastly, pour into an empty deodorant bottle or a small tin. You can also buy ready-to-use deodorant containers on Amazon.

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