Insider 101: 5 Easy Steps On How To Do Natural Makeup For Men Without Foundation

By: Balqis Ariffin / November 17, 2021
Categories : Makeup

Long gone are the days that makeup is only applicable for women only. Well, it is safe to say that wearing makeup does not define your masculinity or not being manly enough. We know that questions like should men wear makeup have been buzzing the beauty scene, but honestly, why not? In fact, if you have been a loyal K-pop fan, you would have noticed that all of the boy groups usually donned shimmery eyeshadow with a pink hue lip tint. On top of that, Western celebrities including Ezra Miller and even David Beckham have also been spotted wearing makeup. So, it is definitely not a surprise that more men have declared their love for makeup publicly. Besides, natural makeup for men is absolutely a regular look that some gents prefer to do before heading out the door.

To fulfil the demand, more brands have come up with makeup products that are catered specifically for men. Just think of it like an amp up version of your skincare routine. The most common misconception that people have about men’s makeup is that they think it’s entirely full face makeup like in RuPaul’s Drag Race. Actually, it’s entirely up to your preference and plus natural looking makeup is the ultimate secret that most of the gents swear by too. Whether you have been an avid lover of makeup or just starting out, this handy guide is absolutely for every one of you. Below, Beauty Insider has gathered the step by step guide on how to do natural makeup for men. Scroll down and swipe that lip gloss now! Oh, did we mention that you can skip the foundation for this natural look? Trust us, with this tip you can definitely kiss goodbye to using your sister’s makeup secretly!

Step By Step Guide On How To Do Natural Makeup For Men

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

Never underestimate the power of prepping your skin with products before you apply any makeup. Therefore, before you decide to slather your face with foundation or BB cream, we suggest that you start with a skincare routine first. Make sure to cleanse your face with a facial wash before you apply toner or moisturizer. Finally, always end your routine with an SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Plus, sunscreen also helps to make your makeup look smoother and flawless too.

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Step 2: Conceal All The Blemishes

The next step on how to do natural makeup for men is that you need to conceal all the blemishes and dark circles with a concealer. If you prefer a mess-free routine, we recommend that you opt for a concealer stick since liquid-based concealer can get quite messy. However, for those with dark circles, it is best that you pour a few drops of the concealer on a beauty sponge and gently dab it towards the inner corner of your eyes. One pro tip is that, if you have acne or spots, you can directly apply the concealer to the targeted areas for more precise application.

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Step 3: Blend, Blend and Blend

Then, you can take a beauty sponger or any concealer brushes to gently blend the concealer to perfection. Trust us, you don’t want to skip this step! The blending step is significantly important as it helps to create a natural finish and it avoids the makeup look cakey throughout the day.

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Step 4: Accentuate Your Features With Highlighter

Okay, we definitely skip foundation for this routine since we want to create a natural look that is perfect for every day. As beauty junkies, we definitely love highlighter and it is definitely a must-have regardless of your makeup look. If you are a newbie, fret not because we will guide you along on this step. For starters, a highlighter is usually used to accentuate your cheekbones and eye areas. So, simply swipe the highlighter using your fingertips at these areas. However, we advise you to not go overboard since too much of it may seem obvious.

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Step 5: Swipe The Gloss

For the final step, you can swipe any clear lip gloss of your choice for that extra oomph! Besides, no one wants to end up on a date with dry and chapped lips, right? Since this guide on how to do natural makeup for men is for an everyday look, you can add more routine that you think is suitable. Plus, you can also use a clear brow gel to tame your brows as well.

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