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These Eyebrow Kits Will Give You The Best Brows of Your Life

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“Well-defined” brows can go two ways. You can overdo it and look like a Disney Villain, or you can hit that magic spot where it frames your face but still looks soft and natural. The secret to getting eyebrows right lies in these eyebrow kits.

Eyebrow kits vs Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow pencils are affordable and easy to carry around, but they can also be harder to use. To avoid harshy, cartoony eyebrows you need to make little upward strokes, and blend it out with a spoolie. That’s fine if you already have a good eyebrow shape and just need to fill in a few missing spots, but tricky if you have sparse or uneven brows.

Eyebrow kits are more expensive, but they come with tools that actually make it easier to create any brow shape in a very natural way. They often have powders in different shades, so you can apply a softer colour in the inner brows and a darker one at the arch and ends. Some have wax and powder formulas that will ensure your brows stay in place, and the colour lasts all day.

Eyebrow kits also come with mini-brushes (and some, mini-tweezers). It’s like having an eyebrow salon in your pocket.

Best Eyebrow Kits in Singapore

Benefit Brow Zing

Buy now: $56, Sephora

This all-in-one eyebrow kit is a cult favourite! The soft, pigmented wax shapes and defines even the sparsest eyebrows, and the setting powder makes sure it lasts even when you sweat or swim. It also comes with a brush and tweezers, so it’s easy to tame any stray or stubborn hairs.

Urban Decay Brow Box

Buy now: $54.50, StrawberryNet

Like Benefit Brow Zing, this comes with an eyebrow pomade and powder, tweezer and brush. However, it also has a light powder you can apply around the brows to clean up discoloration and highlight your arch.

ELF Eyebrow Kit

Buy now: $8, Shopee

One of the best budget eyebrow kits in Singapore! For the price of a cup of coffee, you can get one of the most popular brow products in the world (seriously, you should see the love it gets in beauty forums like MakeUp Alley and Influenster).

While it won’t last in very hot weather, it’s perfect for indoor office makeup or when you want a very soft and defined look. You get a pomade and a powder, and the tiny brush lets you make very precise strokes.

Makeup Forever Eyebrow Kits

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow Palette

Buy now: $76, Sephora

Accentuate, define and lift your brows with one of the most versatile eyebrow kits in Singapore! It comes with three different brow powders you can apply either wet or dry, an invisible brow wax, and a highlighter. Yiu even get a double-ended applicator. Influenster reviews gave it 4.7 stars. ” I have been using this product daily for almost 6 months. It helped me build the bushy brows effect – and I have really thin brows!”

Zoeva Brow Spectrum Palette

Buy now: $47, Sephora

This complete eyebrow kit has every shade from blond to deep black, and both matte and shimmer highlighters. The powders are well pigmented and easy to blend.

” Great range of shades for playing around with darker, bolder brows or for going for lighter, or more natural looks!” says one Sephora review. And though it’s pricey, you’ll be able to use it even when you change hair colours.

Innisfree Two-tone Brow Kit

Buy now: $12, Innisfree

Get soft, natural looking brows with this Kbeauty find! Use the soft shade in the inner brow, and the deeper shade on the tail for a youthful ombre effect.

The Korean eyebrow kit comes with an easy stamp (for quick definition, especially if you have sparse brows) and a mini dual brush. It’s a good beauty bargain!

3CE Brow Kit

Buy now: $24, Sephora

Here’s another Kbeauty eyebrow kit that creates a very soft, youthful brow look. It lasts the whole day, even if you sweat or have oily skin. However, it’s not heavily pigmented. That can actually work for you if you’re a makeup beginner or already have a strong brow shape — your eyebrows will never look too harsh.

Sleek Eyebrow Kit

Buy now: $22, iPrice

Like Benefit Eyebrow Zing, this kit has a brow wax, powder, blending brushes and tweezers — but at half the price! MakeUp Alley reviews gave it 4.0 stars. “I’m really happy to find products at a good price that does the job of high-end brand!”

Laneige Eyebrow Cushion Cara

Buy now: $36, Laneige

Snap open the tiny compact to get your portable brow salon! You get a two-in-one brush that has a spoolie on one side and an angled brush on the other, for easy blending and grooming. The rich pigmented formula is sweat-resistant and water-resistant too!