Cosmoprof Makeup Masters: Pick the Perfect Red Lipstick

“Beauty to me, is being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick,” said Gwyneth Paltrow. Cosmoprof  – Singapore’s most established training providers for Makeup Artistry and Beauty Therapy Courses – helps you shop for your Perfect Red.


What shade should you get?

To know the most flattering reds for your skin tone, identify your undertone.  There are two ways to do this. First, check the veins of the wrist: if they appear blue or purple, you are a “Cool.” If they are appear green, you are ‘Warm.” If they have a mix you are a “Neutral.”

Another way is to rummage through your jewelry box.  If you look better with gold, then you are a “Warm.” If you look better with silver, you are a “Cool.”

If you are a “Cool” and have very pale skin, go for lipsticks with a blue undertone. If you are a “Warm” and have very olive or yellow complexions, go for orangey-reds.

red lipstick

What formula should you get?

Mattes are very pigmented and tend to be more long-wearing than glosses and shimmers. They don’t have as much moisturizing ingredients as cream lipsticks, which means they can be drying – but, on the upside, they’re less likely to smear and smudge through the night. (Cosmoprof Pro Tip: you can get the matte effect with any cream lipstick: just cover lips with one sheet of tissue paper and dust translucent powder with a fluffy brush.)


Cream lipsticks are your best bet if you have dry or wrinkled lips. They won’t settle into lines, and will probably feel more comfortable. A lip pencil will help lock it in place (just apply it all over the lip, rather than just lining the edges, so that you’re not left with that awkard outline after you’ve eaten or had a cup of coffee. (Cosmoprof Pro Tip:  Wipe off any smudged lipstick with a Q tip, and then apply concealer around the bottom lip. You’ll get a really clean, beautiful line.)


Shimmers and glosses can add lots of drama and shine. What’s the difference between the two? Shimmers contain light-reflecting particles like mica or silica, while glosses have a lot of oils.

Generally, shimmers are best for special occasions, but here’s one way to use them during the daytime: apply a matte or cream lipstick, then apply a shimmer just at the center.


Stains, balms and lip crayons leave a very light, natural hint of color – like you’ve just eaten a strawberry! They’re great for every day, or if you want a more muted shade that will complement a more dramatic eyeshadow.

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