Slimming Treatment

Want to Lose Weight? This simple step will help make it less frustrating!

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Losing weight doesn’t just help you look better in your clothes. Shedding even just 10% of your weight lowers risk for diabetes and heart disease. You will feel more energetic. Your confidence grows – once you decide you won’t let your weight or low self-esteem hold you back, you can do anything!

Slimming Treatment
The challenges of losing weight

Amaris B. Clinic is here to help and support you during your weight loss journey. We understand the challenges you face, and the reasons why so many people give up out of frustration.

  • It’s hard to find time to exercise. Work and family responsibilities will always compete for your time and attention.
  • Preparing healthy food can be inconvenient. If you go to work and buy your lunch, the nearby restaurants don’t always serve low-calorie and low-fat meals.
  • Starting a weight loss program on your own is overwhelming. You’re faced with so many options and sometimes, conflicting information.
  • Despite regular exercise and dieting, you may not see the results you want. “Where did I go wrong?”

Slimming Treatment

Amaris B. Clinic: the smart way to lose weight in no time

Don’t give up or get discouraged! Amaris B. Clinic can help you overcome some of the obstacles you’ll encounter during your weight loss journey. There is no substitute for diet and exercise.
The Amaris B. Clinic offers “VO2 Weight Loss Program” that helps your body works smarter to burn off the excess fat and weight, not harder. It provides up to three times more efficient weight loss, fat burning and cellulite reduction than traditional exercise.

VO2 Weight Loss Program doesn’t just help you to lose weight. It is perfect for those who are looking to reclaim your body shape, in particular for mummies who are having a hard time losing the weight postpartum. For those who hit a weight loss plateau, this program is excellent to supercharge your metabolism and supercharge your workout.

Always remember that when you starve your body, your metabolism slows down resulting in your body not being able to work efficiently to do its fat burning job. During the VO2 Weight Loss consultations with the doctor, you will receive personalised consultations, advice, and support based on your particular goals. We are here to provide you with information, options, guidance, and encouragement.

There is no magic formula for weight loss. It will always require a healthy diet, exercise, and a commitment to your goals. Ask Amaris B. Clinic about the VO2 Weight Loss Program today.


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