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5 Easy Makeup Tips from BlackPink’s Official Makeup Artist!

By: Dedet Panabi / July 5, 2020
Categories : Makeup

Jennie of BlackPink isn’t just one of the biggest K-Pop acts in the world. She’s also a beauty icon who sets Korean makeup and fashion trends. Well, now is your chance to get her look! Her makeup artist Myungsun Lee, who created her look for her music videos and magazine covers, shares some of her makeup secrets.

Apply foundation only on the T-zone

Myungsun Lee says you should never apply foundation all over your face. Your makeup will look like a mask! Instead, focusing coverage on your T-zone, where you tend to get the most discoloration. Then, spread it out with a damp sponge or a flat brush.

Aside from looking very natural, concentrating foundation on the T-zone will help brighten the center of the face and give you a natural contour.

Mix your foundation with a beauty oil

That quick step will give you instantly dewy skin! But don’t apply it all over, unless you have very dry skin. Instead, spot-apply on areas that need highlighting, like the temples and cheekbones. This is more natural than using luminizer and highlighter.

Try her hack for short eyelashes

Like many Asians, Jennie’s natural lashes are very thin and short.  Myungsun Lee recommends heating cotton buds with a lighter and using this to lift your lash hair. You can stop there, or add extra volume with eyelash curlers and volumizing mascara.

Choose the right shade of contouring powder

Contouring can help make your cheekbones pop and enhance the V-shape of your jawline. However, it may be hard to find the right shade.  Myungsun Lee says you should avoid powders that have reddish tones, which can make your contour look dirty or ruddy. Then, pick a product two shades darker than your skin tone.

Apply foundation on your lips

Myungsun Lee always does this before applying nude lipstick on her celebrity clients. It helps make the colour stand out by cancelling the natural tints in your lip. Sometimes she does this before applying a very vibrant red lipstick, because the foundation “holds” the formula and prevents the lipstick from smudging.