9 Makeup hacks for Busy Days

Most of us have drawers full of makeup, but let’s be honest – most of us don’t have the time to put on a full face and meticulously blend out Kim-Kardashian levels of contouring. COSMOPROF MAKEUP ACADEMY tells us how to streamline our makeup game for days when we have to rush out the door.

Choose products you can apply with your fingers

Tinted moisturizer, cream eyeshadows, and lip and cheek tints can all be perfectly applied without the need for a single brush. Just make sure your hands are clean, and start off with just a little bit of product and build as you go. Finish with a thin layer of translucent powder and you’re good to go.

Go double-duty

Use a chubby eyeliner pencil as an eyeshadow. Define your lashes and groom your brows with clear mascara. You can also look for concealer/highlighters, lip and cheek tints, cream to powder foundations, blush and bronzer palettes, and BB creams that offer skincare benefits, sun protection, and buildable coverage.
makeup bag

Divide and conquer

Keep two makeup bags – one to carry your everyday makeup, and the other for the “extra” products that you use when you want a fancier look. This saves you the trouble of having to rummage through your entire stash just to find your concealer.

Curate and organize

The more organized your makeup is, the easier it will be to reach for what you need even if it’s a very busy day. Curate your makeup and pick just one powder, mascara, eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, blush and lip color.

When you have time, go through your collection and throw out anything you haven’t used in a year or have changed in consistency or smell. Mascara should be thrown away 6 months after opening, and cream products also tend to spoil faster than powders.

Then, organise what’s left so it’s easy to find. Many makeup artists prefer putting eyeshadows and lipsticks in customizable palettes where they can easily compare colors. If the idea of crushing up your lipsticks is just too painful to bear, look for clear lipstick trays and organize by shade so you can quickly reach for your favourite red.

asian choosing makeup Choose one feature

Instead of working on a full face, accentuate one feature and keep the rest subtle. This not only saves time but actually looks better – heavy eyeshadow and lipstick can be too much for a regular day.

Invest in skincare and grooming

The better your skin is, the less makeup you need.  Also keepi your eyebrows perfectly groomed – whether you have them professionally done at a salon, or you maintain them on your own with your mad tweezer skills. The eyebrows frame the face and can really help you look neat and “put together”.

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