Look Good All Day With The Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect!

By: Nina Shahriman / October 15, 2020
Categories : Makeup

You’re either a cushion lover or an ol’ faithful to foundation – there’s no middle ground. Many prefer foundation for its high coverage and long-lasting powers that usually cushions lack. However, what if we introduced to you a cushion that will hide your blemishes and is meant to last all day? Presenting the Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect!


Etude House is a brand hailing from South Korea and is well known for its wide array of products from skincare to makeup. Today, we will focus on one specific product which is their Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect. So, Beauty Insider is here to give you an inside scoop on what to expect.

Overview Of The Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect

The Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect SPF50+ PA+++ is available to purchase in their stores or through their official e-stores. It is priced at $32.00 and like most cushions comes with a free refill. The packaging is simply lovely with a striped pink pallet pattern while and a soft round applicator awaits you inside.

The floral formula uses a sweat-proof technology to ensure its longevity but it might come as a little drying over time due to it. It will be suitable if you have oilier skin but if you’re on the drier side, spritzing a face mist once in a while should do the trick.

Additionally, most cushions are low in coverage which requires more than one layer to cover up blemishes. However, the Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect needs one firm press for its Roll-Spread Technology to get the job done! The thing with layering is that in two hours you’ll start to feel the heaviness of the product which usually leads to discomfort. Therefore, to be able to achieve full coverage with one layer is truly a blessing.

Let’s Talk The Shades Offered

The cushion foundation comes in six different shades to choose from:

  • 17. Pure: Neutral base
  • 19. Vanilla: Pink base
  • 21. Petal: Pink base
  • 21. Beige: Yellow base
  • 22. Sand: Neutral base
  • 23. Tan: Neutral base

When selecting the right shade for you, knowing your undertones beforehand will be useful. An easy way to classify yourself to which undertone is by looking at the veins on your wrist. If you have blue-purple veins, you’re a cold undertone while green-blue veins mean you’re a neutral undertone. If your veins are yellow-green then you’re a warm undertone.

Pink bases are great for those with cold undertones while warm undertones suit yellow bases. What about those with neutral undertones? You’re lucky because you have the widest range to choose from the shades above!

Should You Buy The Etude House Any Cushion All Day Perfect?

It’s a 50/50 split. We wouldn’t recommend it for those with ultra-dry skin due to it’s drying feeling after a short period of time. By using it, it’ll start to cause clumping and look patchy on certain areas. However, if you’re on the oilier side, this cushion will work great for you.

Despite that, products work differently on everyone and if you’re happy with the results of wearing the cushion then rock it, beautiful!