You Deserve Better With L’Oréal & United Women Singapore

By: Cherelle Lim / March 16, 2021
Categories : Beauty News

Following the celebration of the recent International Women’s Day, L’Oréal partnered up with United Women Singapore (UWS) and launched the #YouDeserveBetter campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness of domestic violence and empower survivors to speak up. This campaign also has an incentive to help survivors recover by helping to rebuild their confidence. Thus, breaking the cycle of violence. 

Women Are Beautiful


Believing that beauty has the power to uplift women, L’Oreal is curating a special kit for personal care for women. Feeling beautiful can help empower women and boost their confidence. For some, that means applying makeup and if that makes them feel pretty, why not? For others, all they need to feel beautiful is to feel good about themselves. When you feel good about your body, you will naturally feel better. That is why this personal care kit prepared by L’Oreal and United Women Singapore (UWS), will allow women to feel pampered. 

Rising Above

Curating over 2,000 kits, they will be given to both women and children in more than 10 shelters and homes. In hopes that this kit will help them rebuild their self-esteem, L’Oreal celebrates the beauty, strength and resilience of women. #YouDeserveBetter shouts that everyone should feel worthy of their body and it is not to be trampled by others. Your body is your own. No one else’s. 

Recognise, Respond & Refer

This movement not only reaches out to survivors but encourage others to reach out as well. If you notice anything unusual about your friends or family, reach out to them. When you see someone in public looking uncomfortable, reach out to them. If you feel in your gut that there is something wrong, reach out to them. Let them know that someone is willing to help and listen whenever they need to. 

As both L’Oreal and United Women Singapore (UWS) raise awareness to the public, they believe it is crucial for the public to be able to identify signs of domestic abuse. Along with its other movement #LOréalxUWS, they have taken initiative to encourage the public by sharing their personal stories. The public can also help by sharing words of encouragement and using the ‘3R’ approach – Recognise, Respond, Refer. This way, they can help those that are suffering in silence. 

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