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How to Clean Makeup Stains on Your Clothes

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Makeup stains on your clothes are annoying. Good thing there are a number of ways to remove it and save your favourite fashion pieces. Here are some of the simple ways to clean makeup stains. Hope these make your laundry day a lot easier!


Removing Foundation

Foundation is the base of your makeup which enhances your look and gives a natural touch to your beauty which removes skin blemishes and makes it look glowing. It is one of the necessary products which is applied before makeup and contains oil that sticks to your skins as well. When this foundation gets in touch with the fabric they get absorbed into it and in this case, hydrogen peroxide will prove to best to get rid of these stains. Drop few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the affected part then rub it with a brush in a circular motion and then leave it for 10-15 minutes, within next 15 minutes you will get rid of this unwanted smudge from a favourite piece of your clothing.


Washing off Mascara

Another liquid product which adds beauty to your eyes is difficult to remove if it gets to stick to your clothes. As its dark black colour make your clothes look dirty and irritable, to remove the mascara you need to use your dishwashing soap in the following steps.


  • Make a solution of one tablespoon dishwashing liquid and two spoons of cold water.
  • Now with the help of sponge apply this mixture on the marked area.
  • Leave the liquid until it gets absorbed into the stain.
  • Repeat the step until you completely get rid of these unwanted marks.


Getting rid of Lipstick marks

The most bothering stain which easily sticks to our clothes is the mark of lipsticks. There are a number of ways with which you can remove these marks from your clothes depending on your fabric. The most used tricks are using hairspray and dish soap. We can apply either of the liquid to the stain and need to leave it for 10-15 minutes, then with the help of hot water dab the stain and you will be easily able to clean your cloth.


Clearing Nail polish

These alluring nail colours bother you many of the times when they get to stick to your favourite dresses. In this annoying situation, you need to stay calm, as acetone and hydrogen peroxide will bring you with stain vanishing properties.  Applying either of the liquid to the affected area and dabbing it with a cotton ball will remove the traces of substance and gives you clean look of your cloth.


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