Is Rihanna Really Bringing Back The Skinny Eyebrows Trend?

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Before we spring into the latest makeup trends, a full disclaimer: this beauty look isn’t exactly brand new. You’ve heard of the saying: everything old is new again. From crimped hair to foundation shades that were way too light, we might have seen these on our favourite celebrities back in the day. While we aren’t entirely keen on revisiting some of these micro-trends, there’s one that has recently made a comeback. Enter: skinny eyebrows. Hear us out! In British Vogue’s latest September issue, Rihanna graced the cover donning pencil thin brows. Needless to say, not everyone was ready for this revolutionising beauty look.


The beauty world is always looking to the past for styles that feel fresh and worthy of reviving. Given the internet reaction to the beauty moguls shoot, many are divided on whether this trend will swiftly regain popularity. It’s an odd trend, taking into account that it doesn’t translate well for everyday beauty. It certainly makes for an Instagram-worthy styled photoshoot, but we’re calling it: the aesthetic of skinny eyebrows will only last five minutes.

Rihanna’s style looks are never without frenzy, but there’s an extraordinary kind of hype surrounding her Vogue shoot. Not only was her look created with her very own Fenty Beauty line, she sure knows a thing or two about totally pushing the boundaries of makeup, in every aspect. Thank you, Rihanna, you’ve outdone yourself again.

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Photo credit: @britishvogue