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Strut A Better Makeup Look By Including These Beauty Tips from This Korean Beauty Blogger

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There almost isn’t a single Korean woman who doesn’t have enviable flawless gorgeous skin and that fact doesn’t even leave us wondering anymore. With their elaborate makeup and skincare routines, it is almost a no-brainer how they achieve looking fresh and glowing all the time.

To create a better makeup look, we’ve compiled 5 Korean makeup tips videos from Korean beauty blogger JANIE SEO! These natural Korean makeup tutorials will help you build a better skin care routine and better makeup look easily!

Perfect Korean-Like Complexion

There is nothing every beauty junkie wants than a flawless complexion. Having one is the best way to perfect your makeup! And the easiest way to achieve having a flawless skin is through staying true to a great day skincare routine. Korean Blogger Janie Seo’s Morning Korean Skin Care Routine 2018 is a great guide to follow:

Perfect Korean-Like Coverage

Most foundations do a real great job on covering skin blemishes. However, foundations are not advisable to be worn everyday. Replace your usual foundation with a Korean BB or CC cream for a more natural coverage that is bound to leave you looking more luminous with the same evening out capability like foundations! Janie’s tricks on applying BB cream are on point!

Perfect Korean Highlight

Once you are done with creating your perfect base using your BB Cream, you will want to give emphasis to the best points of your face. You can do this by highlighting the parts of your face you want to be noticeable, especially when the light hits them. The quick and easy highlighting tips and tricks Janie Seo on this video will leave your skin glowing perfectly like hers!

Perfect Korean Eyes

Smokey eyes are so last year! They’re great for night outs but may tend to make you look more mature than you intend. To look youthful like Korean women, accentuate the eyes with eyeliner instead of eye shadow. Watch how Janie applies her eyeliner here:

Perfect Korean Lips

Gradient lip is K-beauty’s most famous beauty trend! It leaves a natural look and requires only very small amount of lip product. In this tutorial by Janie, you will know exactly how to cop a natural gradient lip! You can seal your look in few easy steps!

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