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Top 3 Plastic Surgery Procedures in Singapore and Where to Get Them

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A lot of Singaporeans, regardless of sex and gender, put so much effort into their appearance today. We have certain beauty standards here in the East and we have different means to adapt to it. Some use makeup, some change the way they dress, and some undergo plastic surgery procedures. They seek trusted plastic surgeons in the country instead of flying to South Korea to undergo same cosmetic surgery.

As a true blue Singaporean, we understand that you’re always after safe and cost-efficient procedures within the country. We compiled the three of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments that Singaporeans are going for at these times and where you can get them:

Double Eyelid Surgery

Not all Asians complain about having droopy, narrow, and mono-lidded eyes. However, most of us think that almond-shaped and double-lidded eyes are more attractive than our slit-like eyes.

Through the double eyelid surgery or Upper Blepharoplasty, the surgeon removes some of the skin and fat in the upper eyelid of a person with monolid eyes. The procedure will only last for an hour. After that, you will need a week to heal your wounds.

Asia Health Partners, located at Orchard Road, offers double eyelid surgery for patients who are certain that they want to get this operation done.

To know which cosmetic surgery clinic that offers Double Eyelid Surgery is the nearest to you, click here.


Nose Job

Not everyone has a proportional nose. Some people have short, round-tipped, low-bridged, and fat ones. To be honest, people with a so-called unattractive nose often feel disappointed and insecure about their looks.

This is why they undergo Rhinoplasty or most commonly known as a nose job. Here, you go through an operation to add height and length to your nose. The surgeon reshapes and resizes your nose to give it the right slope with a raised and refined nose tip.

While it delivers promising results, this process is not easy. In a previous post in Aesthetics and Beauty, we showcased a video of Rhinoplasty procedure held in Australia. Watch it in order to fully understand what happens during the operation.

You will need to wait for two to three months for your wounds to completely heal. Afterward, you have a new nose that makes your face symmetrical.


Our bodies store fat in different ways. For example, a female body naturally stores more fats compared to a man’s body. As we age, our metabolism slows down. We find it harder to burn fats in our body which results in unwanted weight gain. We tend to get bigger tummies, arms, and thighs, putting ourselves at risk of obesity and other related diseases.

Whether you’re an obese person who wants to drastically change yourself or you’re just conscious about your flabs, liposuction or lipo is the procedure for you. It reshapes the body through breaking down and sucking fat deposits that hinder you from getting the ideal body you want.

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Liposuction helps people, especially the obese, to return to a clean slate. However, you have to figure out how to maintain your figure after the operation. You will need to have a strict diet and exercise to maintain your new figure. You might also need other treatments and procedures to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks.

The SWENG Plastic Surgery is one of Singapore’s accredited cosmetic surgery clinics when it comes to liposuction. Look for Dr. Ng Siew Weng or call Tel: +65 6600 6868.

To know more establishments that offer Liposuction in Singapore, click here.

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