Wellness Tips to Help you Prepare for 2019.

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Wellness is often an overlooked portion for most busy 20 and 30 somethings. However, we at Beauty Insider strive to focus on a holistic approach toward beauty.

We have scoured the web to find simple tips to help you keep your heart, mind, body and soul in tip-top condition for the upcoming new year! After all- beauty comes from within!

Cut Back on Sugar

Swap Processed Sugars For Natural Sugars

In your teen years or even early 20’s, sugar is such a fundamental part of every meal- or drink. However, as your body ages, so does your ability to process sugar. Swap processed sugar for agave or other natural sweeteners for your morning beverages- and those night time ones too!

Adopt A Post-Party Ritual

Repair Your Body After a Night of Heavy Drinking

If you’re still practicing the tried and tested practice of Happy Hour drinking then beware. It might be taking a harsher toll on your body than you realise. Heavy drinkers tend to consume more calories and carry the weight of late nights on their face.

Ensure that after a big night out you have plenty of water and pop on a quick face mask to replenish the moisture lost from yesterday. One of the best things you can do is take a short walk after lunch time the day after to get your blood circulating and to prevent the mid-day slump heavy drinkers often experience.

Learn to Cook

Spend Time Bonding With your Family while Learning about Nutrition

One of the best skills most 30 somethings adopt is to learn how to cook. So much of beauty comes from your gut. If you take care of your gut, you’ll be able to take care of your skin.

Learning about nutrition is something that is integral to any busy working woman. At times the choices we make for lunch time of that extra bubble tea or white carbohydrates could be affecting us far more than we realise.

Swap your Kopitiam card for a cooking lesson with mum. Cooking after all is therapy- and the best thing you can do for you body sometimes!