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5 Wedding Makeup Trends and Makeup Artists We Would Love To Try Out Ourselves!

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Every year it seems that the wedding industry gets more intimidating a challenge for brides. One minute you’re telling your fiancé you want a simple elegant look and the next you’re down a rabbit hole on Pinterest researching wedding makeup and bridal looks and $10, 000 wedding gowns.

We at Beauty Insider understand the pressure and stress that comes with wedding planning. To help you streamline your decision making process we’ve curated our top bridal looks and makeup artists for 2018. From natural dewy looks to a classic bold red lip you’re bound to find your favourite one to wear to your own wedding.

Natural But better

Looking to look like yourself but prettier for your wedding? This makeup look is for you. If you’re a confident bride who doesn’t wear much make up on a regular basis, you might want to opt for a naturally you makeup look. For pictures, you might have to amp up the brows and the lipstick but for the most part you won’t feel heavy or tired from the weight of makeup on your face.

Cocoon Makeup And Hair is one of our favourites for a makeup look that looks like you- only better. Check out their happy brides looks here and here


Korean Inspired Makeup

The Korean look tends to be popular because it suits the asian face shape and features well. With rosy cheeks focused right below the eye and a natural eye look water lined with white eye liner, the Korean makeup look is popular among most Singaporean brides. Looking for a soft and dewy look that makes your eyes bigger and stays soft? This is the look for you. With brown hues and pink shades, you’ll be your own Korean star at your wedding.

Visit Cynderella here and here to get become the K-Idol at your wedding.


Vintage Glam

Have you always been a vintage sweetheart on the inside? Love a good swing dress and kitten heels? Then this makeup look is for you. The beauty about a vintage look is it adds a touch of personality to your wedding. The bohemian vibe has been a trendy makeup look for 2017-2018 bridal makeup looks.

Makeup Pros is a professional group of makeup artists who will make you over tot he vintage bride of your dreams from head to lip! Check out their Instagram and Website for their portfolio.


Elegant Minimalist Makeup

If you’re someone who swoons over a bold lip or brow- this makeup look is for you. With a mostly natural face, elegant makeup looks seek to accentuate a particular part of your face and make that the focus of your makeup look.

A classic way to show this off is with a red lip. For a December wedding makeup look perhaps throw on a vampy shade. A winged eyeliner with a simple makeup look also adds a touch of elegance to any bridal makeup.

For that timeless elegance- think a modern take on old Hollywood glam check out the famous Charmaine Tok. You can find her portfolio here  here and here.


No-makeup Makeup

If you’re the sort of fuss-free bride who wants to head down to Canning Rise for a quick ceremony then this is the makeup look for you. The best part of this natural bridal look is that you don’t have to worry about no looking like yourself on your wedding day.

More importantly in that all important kiss, your beau won’t need to hold back. Laugh loudly and be merry on your wedding day without worry of smudging your makeup or touching up.

Though Autelier Makeup does a variety of wedding makeup looks, they have the natural wedding look down. For their collection of beauty brides visit here and here.