Do you love working out, but hate the idea of going to the gym because of the fear of people seeing you without makeup, with all your acne scars in full view? That being said, if you absolutely cannot bear the thought of going bare-faced, just keep things extremely basic. Little do you know that […]

Asians naturally have small eyes- monolids and absent creases and all. These eyes, although nothing short of beautiful could be tough to brighten, open up and highlight. With less space to work on with makeup, it could be challenging to make those peepers pop up, especially for beginners. Fret not, though! We’ve listed down few […]

In a day, your skin comes into contact with all sorts of bacteria and pollutants. On top of that, our diet, hormones, and lifestyle also come into play. If you have ethnic or dark skin, then you have probably experienced the frustration of looking for the perfect shade of foundation. It has not been until recent years […]

When you’re truly, madly, deeply addicted to makeup, you’re willing to spend every last dollar to your name on every damn thing. But when you’re broke, you need to curb your cosmetics budget. Makeup dupes can help.   Dupes are simply the cheaper version of the expensive products with almost the same quality. They’re usually […]

No two women’s skin is same, so the magic created on a dear friend’s face may not weave the same magic for you. You may have your makeup routine down pat, but correcting these small errors could kick up the glam factor and save you some cash in the process too. Years of performing your […]

There is a lot to love about Singapore, but the usual sticky, sweat-inducing weather isn’t always lovely, especially when it melts away the makeup you worked on and put on for 3 hours. Needless to say, one way to make sure your makeup stays put the entire day is to stick to products that best […]

A V-shaped face is widely coveted by many. It gives a sculpted, youthful look; which imparts an attractive appearance and enhances your facial features. The V-shaped face is ideal as it tends to make the face look more feminine. The more V you get, the more attention and beauty you have. This technique became extremely popular in […]

She isn’t afraid of experimenting, Rihanna’s beauty is indeed mind-blowing. From undercuts, sharp bobs, red hair, name it! She has tried it! Thanks to her most buzzed and successful beauty line, Fenty Beauty that enables her to step up and prove her reputation in the beauty industry. After tracking a decade’s worth of ever-changing looks, […]

A lot of women devote a lot of time and money on aesthetic procedures, body and skincare products, and makeup with hefty price tags all just to keep the crow’s feet at bay. However, though, most women tend to neglect the hands. Truth is, our hands are the most wear and tear part of our […]

It’s only the first quarter of the year and there are already tons of great new products worthy to be part of the best makeup products of 2018 list. Here you will find a short list of new makeup products commendable for you to get your hands on! Update your beauty arsenal right about now… […]

This year, we in Beauty Insider, decided to dedicate more of our time in sharing the best of the bests. For 2018, we devote our voices, knowledge, and platform in providing nothing but helpful insights, guides, hottest trends, useful tips and tricks for every woman! We present to you the hottest eye makeup looks you […]

Last weekend, Hollywood forecasted countless beauty trends and styles for this year as two of their most anticipated events have taken place! We saw some of the most -creative, awe-inspiring and unexpected beauty looks and makeup products we suggest you all sport this 2018.   Claw Clip Alexander Wang nails it again as he brings […]

Glowing cheeks have been a thing recently. More and more people are still on the hunt for the best cheek makeup products and tips on how to effortlessly achieve the look without overdoing it. This Asian Flush or more popularly known as “drunk blush” look originates from a situation where Asians get “red” or blushes […]

A famous Instagram makeup artist from Ukraine, Vlada Haggerty is known for her Lip Drip Creations. Vlada teamed up with Smashbox Cosmetics for her lip art creation. Each of her posts is getting more and more attractive. No wonder she has been Smashbox’s Lip Editor-In-Chief, she has been consulted for the brand’s newest lip innovations. […]

We’re almost 2 months in 2018. Have you change your life yet? Start making positive and beautiful changes with these easy to cop and do makeup tips we’ve rounded up for you! A quick modification on how you apply your eyeliner or a little change from your go-to lipstick can surely make way to a […]

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