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You can call me clara, that is as legitimate as ever since birth. You must be thinking how sweet and lovely my name sounds but why the relation to Dblchin?

I was a never a big kid. Short, mini, petite is often used to describe me; I’m always the smallest in class but one thing that sets me apart from myself is this odd layer fat under my chin that appears out of nowhere since I’m little.
I hadn’t realize it was affecting my life as a teenage girl until one fine day a male classmate decides to say something along the line: ‘Hey actually you not bad looking but sad to say you have double chin if not I confirm jio you go steady.’

Oh my gawd, the yesteryear as an ah lian *roll eyes*

To be honest that male classmate wasn’t even remotely close to looking like prince charming but to the growing me (even though I didn’t upsize very much in terms of height) this passing remark affected me a huge bit, so much that I was determined that my double chin is a hindrance in my life.

(Read how I tried to get rid of my dblchin here and here and also here)
And plus, I might have just missed my chance to date a boy!
Well, is evident that my double chin had already existed long before but it only took a minor blow for me to realize need of a reality check.

Ok long story short, from then on the word “double chin” became my strongest nemesis AND my partner in crime because I, eventually decided to digitally bring it to life.
I gave it an abstract and quirky approach for an easy online pen name by sizing it down to just ‘Dbl’ instead of ‘Double’

And so, ‘Dblchin’ is born.

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