Leekaja Beauty Salon
333A Orchard Road, #03-13 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238867

Leekaja Beauty Salon


Leekaja Hair Salon is a beauty salon in Singapore that was established by Madame Leekaja back in 1972 in South Korea. It became as the the first franchised hair dressing brand.

Since then, LKJ Hair Salon has been the most stylish and prestigious beauty & hair salon brand in Korea and have branched out overseas with 130 shops in Korea, 15 in USA, 33 in China and most recently launched the first LKJ hair salon in Australia.

Located in the heart of Orchard road, Leekaja Beauty Salon aims to provide one-stop service for all our customers. Their services are ranging from hair, nail, facials, eyelash services.

At Leekaja Beauty Salon you can enjoy the scenic view of orchard and reap the results of all of their beauty treatment in a cafe-like atmosphere. Leekaja Beauty Salon is going to be your next weekend getaway.